6 Most Useful Interior Car Accessories Made for Your iPhone 6

Car Accessories Interior

Every car rider will agree that handling a smartphone inside the car is pretty tedious while driving. They fall off the dashboard and are often found under the seat or sometimes even outside the window if you aren’t that careful. When it’s a phone like the iPhone 6, you would definitely not want to have it damaged that way. Thanks to the world of interior car accessories, now they are useful tools and gadgets helping you combat this painful situation in an easy way. Here are some of the coolest iPhone 6 compatible interior car accessories you can use to keep your phone safe while you drive:

Smart Driving Assistant by Automatic

Enhance your driving habits and save more fuel by using this magnificent Smart Driving Assistant by Automatic. With a simple one-time setup, this tiny gadget ensures you always drive in safety.

iMagnet Car Mount

The first universal magnetic car phone mount that fits any phone, from a Blackberry to a large iPhone 6 Plus. No more fiddling complex plastic machinery, or clamps to hold your phone, just effortlessly pop your phone onto the pad and it grips your phone.

Okra Universal Magnetic Vent Car Mount

This interior car accessory is a reliable and efficient way to safeguard your device while driving and also be able to quickly access it on the road without having to risk a car accident. The Okra magnetic car mount is designed in a way that makes is compact and easy to use for any phone.


It easily clips onto your shoulder belt, provides a secure holder for your iPhone, and is designed to amplify speaker sound by up to 3x in speakerphone mode. Also, when the ClipSee is attached to your shoulder belt it places the top microphone of the iPhone just inches from your mouth.

Neutron S – Phone and Tablet Holder Mount

Neutron S is a minimally designed anodized aluminum and magnetically shielded mount / dock for all of your mobile devices. It can work smoothly with any phone including those coming with cases.

SpeeCup Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker specially designed for portability and hands-free communication. With a large user interface for intuitive controls and a voice command activation button it is ideal for use while driving so your eyes never leave the road.

The Gadget Flow online shop providing a huge collection of interior car accessories. You can visit The Gadget Flow and choose accessories here.


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