10 Top iPhone 6 Accessories for the Modern Gadget Lovers

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The release of the iPhone made way for tons of iPhone 6 Gadgets in the market. From Cool iPhone 6 cases to docking stations to power banks, there is a lot you can give your iPhone 6 only to have a better experience altogether. The iPhone 6 itself has a major difference in its looks as compared to the previous iPhone models which is what makes it unique and out of the box. So naturally you wouldn’t want to compromise with the looks when it comes to enhancing the quality of your phone with the latest iPhone 6 Accessories. Keeping that in mind, these are some of the coolest and most useful accessories you could have for your iPhone 6 and not lose it’s iconic elegance as well.

Lepow PIE iPhone 6 Battery Case

Clip on battery cases are too wasteful. With the Pie, you no longer need to feel guilty about throwing away that still works. This is the only one that features a sustainable method. This is a new revolutionary battery case, the first one where the battery can fit other Pie case models without having to buy a whole new one again.

Camouflage Phone Case

Made from durable and lightweight low-temp carbonate, the Camouflage Phone Case is just like its name. It’s available for all iPhone models.

BELT Cable – 1.2 Metre Braided Cable Management Solution

Those painful hours of managing untidy, messed up cables at the bottom of your bag would be gone forever if you use the BELT Cable here on. It’s a 1.2 metre braided cable which has been integrated with a leather belt in order to keep it tangle-free.

Tough Case For iPhone 6 Plus

Experience the look and feel of modern case protection with the two-piece Tough case. This dual-layered design beautifully balances the impact resistant shell with a shock-absorbing interior cushion.

Survivor All-Terrain for iPhone 6 Plus

Mil-spec tested, real-world proven protection. Griffin designed and rigorously tested Survivor All-Terrain to be the most protective case possible for whatever your day has in store.

Kenu Highline

Highline is a security leash and protective case system that provides peace of mind while capturing photos and videos, even in the most precarious situations. Whether you are skiing, fishing, traveling, rock climbing, or just playing with your kids, Highline will keep your iPhone safely with you.

Ovo Speaker by Monitillo Marmi

It doesn’t include any electric parts but the Ovo Speaker by Monitillo Marmi is a piece of beauty that works on mechanic sound diffusion. The speaker is made of marble and has a separate slot to host your device which could be either iPhone 5S or even iPhone 6.

Dark Energy Reservoir

Charge your phones for nearly a week or any other USB device with this super handy Dark Energy Reservoir. The size of this massively powerful charger is a slight larger than the iPhone 5 but it comes loaded with an 8,000 mAh battery.


OKU is the world’s first iPhone connected device developed specifically for looking after and maintaining the wellness of your skin. Connect OKU to your iPhone, download the app, scan your skin (as often as you like) and help your skin achieve its optimal youthful, potential by getting real-time, personalized skincare advice.

PoiseCam Camera Grip

Enjoy the pleasure of a camcorder like experience from your iPhone by accessorizing it with the PoiseCam Camera Grip. It comes with a Tripod Mount and is a great option to enhance the photographic skills of your iPhone.

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