Top 5 Google Glass Accessories For a More Enriched AR Experience

Google Glass Accessories

Are you one of those lucky Google Glass Explorers who are now looking for something to enhance the experience of your Glass? While Google comes up with their next Project Glass edition, you can keep yourselves entertained with some of the already available Google Glass Accessories. There are decals, power banks, car chargers and a lot more. Here are five from the list of Google Glass Accessories that might help you enhance your AR experience even more.


Here’s a chance to extend the battery life of your Google Glass by giving it a 750mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack. The lightweight and compact design does not make your Glass look too over-decorated. It also comes with a convenient cord to hold the Google Glass around your neck.

Google Glass Decal Accessory

This Google Glass decal accessory is a range of skins for the Google Glass camera, touchpad and battery. The skins are made of 3M high-quality vinyl used for wraps, and are able to conform to just about any kind of shape and contour. They are easy to apply, and just as easy to remove or reposition without leaving any sticky residue behind on Google Glass.

Metallic Prototype V2.0 Google Glass Accessory

Printed in highest quality metallic ink, the skin cannot be reused once attached on your Google Glass. It adheres to your Glass in a way which doesn’t compromise on the gadget’s iconic looks and contours. Very simple to use and easily attachable.

Bringrr Car Charger

A unique car charger that does a lot more than simple phone charging while you drive your vehicle. When paired with the Bringrr tags, it can easily identify the items you carry for work everyday thus saving you the hassle of leaving something behind only to realize the fact when you’re midway down the street. Bringrr comes with a special app for Google Glass users so that tracking your items before your start driving happens without your head going down (literally!)

Wetley GGRX Prescription Frame for Google Glass

World’s first available prescription frame solution for Google Glass. GGRX is an acronym for Wetley’s prescription adapter branded as the Glass Google Accessories Edition. You get just the frame, and you can get your own Google Glasses fitted out with your prescription lenses in under five seconds. The stainless steel frame is made hypoallergenic to ensure it can be used by everyone. Never feel awkward wearing your Project Glasses anymore.

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