6 Amazingly Cool Tech Gadgets Made for Gadgetaholics


How do you define coolness in the world of accessories and gadgets? That’s a tough answer for anyone to give but if you look at these 6 cool gadgets, you’ll know what they represent. If you’re a gadget lover and are always involved in exploring cool new gadgets every day, this is where you should be now.

Lumo Interactive Projector

Remember when your floor was made of lava? Or when you spent hours exploring magical forests filled with imaginary creatures? Remember the games that made you jump, run, imagine, and create? Lumo is one of those cool new gadgets which brings magic back to childhood by creating an interactive surface that’s big enough to transform any room into an interactive play space.

Original Sin MacBook Decal

Relive the original sin from your very own MacBook. Coming as a true innovative design, the Original Sin MacBook Decal is a decal every design lover would want to have for their amazing gadgets. It represents the original sin in such a beautiful way which will only make you admire the design more than anything else. You can get the decal for your MacBook Air (11” and 13”) or MacBook Pro (13” and 15”) and beautify the Apple logo in a whole new way.

Leaf Picks

Be it for your cocktails or hors-d’oeuvre tray, these Leaf Picks are surely going to add a natural touch to your party. They are double pronged tops which make picking and handling your food super easy and convenient at the same time. The picks are made of food safe plastic and can be reused whenever required.


DuoPad is a multi-touch trackpad enabling PC and Laptop owners using Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 all the touch screen features and functionalities of their favorite smartphone and tablet apps onto any PC or Laptop monitor. PC and Laptop owners with Windows 7 will be able to upgrade for FREE to Windows 10 this year. A cool tech gadget indeed!

Garden Igloo

Make those relaxing afternoons in the garden even more fun with this Garden Igloo. It is ideal for creating an outdoor living space in your garden. The set comes with a step by step installation guide so as to help you go through the self-assembly process. Even under warm weather conditions, the igloo maintains good airflow.

Nix Pro Color Sensor

A must-have for designers and color professionals, the NIX Pro Color Sensor is a real-life color eyedropper tool that takes the guesswork out of color. Simply touch the NIX Pro to any surface and instantly view an accurate color reading on your smartphone.

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