6 Cool Smart Home Gadgets For Modern Living


Accessorizing your home is not confined within the boundaries of normal home decor items anymore. Today’s generation is smart and technologically sound which is we have a plethora of smart home gadgets taking valuable place indoors. While on one hand you have home security, the other seems to be more concerned with enhancing the power of your everyday home items with smart home accessories. Let’s have a look at 6 awesome entries in this new smart home world under one roof.

Drop By Doormat

A cool doormat made for all seasons. The DROP by doormat has been designed with two specific sides, one for winter and one for summer. The makers behind this project believe that design starts at your front door and so wanted to create a smart house accessory that can replace your existing doormat in a much cooler way.

LOOK.in smart home system

First Smart Home Appliance fully supports Apple HomeKit. LOOK.in is an available decision to make your home a smart one. Forget about controllers – LOOK.in devices exchange the information with each other and allow to save electricity, provide safety and remotely control your house with Android, IOS or any browser.

Flood Buzz Water Leak Detector

Just place them in any potential flood spot around the house and you’ll know whether your house is in any danger from the Flood Buzz Water Leak Detectors. This could be anywhere beside the washing machine, sinks, water heaters, radiators, bathrooms, basements, boats or sump pumps, inside garages or sink cabinets and more. Smart Home accessories you must have indoors.

Lifx – The Smart Wifi Light Bulb

LIFX® is a wifi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you can control with your smartphone. 16 million colors at your fingertips. LIFX is like going from black and white television to full-color HD. Imagine the ability to transform the ambience of your home or workplace using your smartphone.

Two Color 3D Printer

Print what you use. Print what you wear. Print for your home. Print for those you love. Print for your life. Love what you make. Liven things up with more than 20 colors and dual-color jetted mashables. Mix and match dual-color and dual-materials. Cube printing with recyclable ABS and compostable PLA plastic has never been so limitless.

xRemote Smart Home System

Experience the next generation smart home system integrating universal remote control, indoor locating, and intelligent learning. The dream of controlling your home and life with one simple controller is here with xRemote. With one simple tap of a screen, the everyday person can take advantage of the technology that surrounds them.

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