Best Gadgets for iPhone 5 – It’s Still Not Over Yet!


Though the iPhone 6 is already in the market, you can’t deny that there are thousands of people still flaunting an iPhone 5. This roundup on top iPhone 5 accessories is targeted for these wonderful people. Have a look and make your iPhone 5 stand out from the rest.

Hand Drawn Hearts Smartphone Case

A hearty case awaits to cover your smartphone in a beautiful way. Use the Hand Drawn Hearts Smartphone Case by Madotta to protect your smartphones from unwanted damage as well as enhance the overall beauty of it. The case has been designed using 3D printing technology and is made of hard plastic.

Aztec Calendar iPhone 5 Case

If you truly admire the beauty of Aztec prints, then this Aztec Calendar iPhone 5 Case by Carved is surely made for you. It’s a simple snap on case designed to protect your iPhone 5/5S from those unwanted external damage that might occur time and again. The case has been hand finished on real wood and includes no adhesive or exposed sides.


YoBrush – Brush, Phone I’m ready to go! The perfect painless detangler hairbrush and colorful iPhone5™ and iPhone6™ cover has a new design! The Yobrush is great in the heat. The YoBrush™ is washable and is currently available for the iPhone 5 with short term plans to include other models with your support.

Shibaful Turf iPhone Case

Let your iPhones embrace the spirit of nature with this adorable Shibaful Turf iPhone Case. Inspired from the grass on Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, this is one of the top iPhone 5 accessories brings the greenery from Japan directly to your pockets. It has been made using electrostatic flocking which gives this real grass texture to the case and lets you protect your device with a lush lawn (shiba) style.


The PERI Duo is the FIRST case for the iPhone® 5/5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus that integrates a hi-def, high-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled speaker system and a 2500mAh battery in a slim form factor. Now you know what iPhone 5 gadget you could get for your iPhone 5.

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