Best Wearable Tech Gadgets Under Your Budget

cheap wearable tech

It’s the year of wearable tech indeed. The modern generation is slowly turning towards accepting this new form of technology in their lives. But what’s still a concern is the budget as most of the wearable devices out there are way more expensive than you can imagine. So just to make it easier for you to enjoy wearable tech in your lives, here’s a special roundup on cheap wearable tech gadgets available out there. Have a look:

Spy Button Camera

Are you an active news blogger, citizen journalist, investigator or just an amateur funny video movie-maker? Want to keep an audio/video record of those important private meetings for later review? Here is the answer to cheap wearable tech that is cool at the same time.

Orignal Xiaomi MiBand

The “one more thing” at the Xiaomi Mi 4 launch was the Mi Band, the Chinese company’s first smart wearable fitness devices, and it’s obviously aggressively priced: Just CN¥79 or about $13! Like many of its competitors, the Mi Band tracks your movement (walking or running) plus sleeping pattern, and you can also use it as a smart vibrating alarm to wake up feeling better.

Virtual Reality Cardboard Toolkit

This do-it-yourself toolkit will allow you to build your own cool wearable tech cardboard headset in a matter of minutes so you can experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR. Fly through the Grand Canyon, play 3-D games, travel the city streets of Paris or become a character in an animated film.


Making use of emerging virtual reality (VR) headsets, vcemo looks to become the web and phone based streaming platform for 360 videos. At vcemo, we are building a virtual-reality (VR) streaming website, a platform that will allow users to upload videos shot in 360 degrees, free of charge, whether from commercial products such as Giroptic or bublcam, professional 360-degree cinema cameras such as Jaunt, or individual camera setups.

Mezzo For Smartwatch

Being in the era of cool wearable gadgets, it’s important to have a device like Mezzo for Smartwatch on your work desk which never lets you lose touch with your smartwatch when its charging. The dock is made of highly durable aluminium using CNC technology and has a clear anodized surface finish.

Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Listen to your favorite music tracks or take those long calls at night in a relaxing mood while wearing the Bluetooth Sleep Mask. On a single charge, it can play up to 6 hours of wireless music and blocks light for better sleeping. So you get the joy of a sleep mask and Bluetooth earphones from one single device which encourages better relaxation above anything else.

For more information about cheap wearable tech, you can click on given link.


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