Introducing 6 New Technology Gadgets For Everyday Use

new technology gadgets

Technology gadgets have literally enveloped our lives today. Some may be useful on a daily basis while there are others which are specifically useful at certain times and places alone. Let’s explore 6 such new tech gadgets you can easily bring into your lives and explore the world of technology in a more acceptable way,

Satechi Aluminum USB Numeric Keypad

Especially designed for the iMac and MacBook users, the Satechi Aluminum USB Numeric Keypad is one of those cool everyday gadgets specifically targeted for those who miss the presence of numeric keypads in their life. The keypad comes with a brushed aluminium finish and Apple-styled curved edge.

SlatePro Personal TechDesk

Practically anyone can make good use of the SlatePro Personal TechDesk, both for casual and professional purpose. It’s a work desk design which enables every member of the tech-savvy generation to keep themselves organized. The desk can fit any sized computer or laptop. There are multiple display docks for your mobile devices which can include both smartphones and tablets.

Powerlace Advanced Auto-Lacing Shoe Technology

The new Powerlace auto-lacing system is a high tech gadget designed to be the most effective means of tying shoelaces the hands-free way. The mere insertion of the foot automatically engages the lacing system’s mechanism. The activation of the small lever found at the lower rear end of the shoe unlocks the power system.

Satechi RideMate

The Satechi RideMate is a safe and secure smartphone mount for bicycles. When attached onto a bicycle handlebar, access to your smartphone becomes easy and safe due to the touch-sensitive clear front panel. Headphone cables can be threaded through a hole at the bottom of the case or through the top of the case.

Logitech Air AirPlay Speaker

Connect effortlessly with the free setup app and stream custom-tuned, stereo sound from any room—all from a sleek and stylish speaker. It delivers pure, undiluted, uncompressed music wirelessly over AirPlay from all of your iOS devices.

Self-Locking Knife Block

A special knife block in the world of new technology gadgets to keep sharp knife blades away from your kids. The Self-Locking Knife Block by Joseph Joseph is an innovative design, the purpose of which lies in securing your knives from the reach of kids aged 5 and under. Every knife from this set is placed inside a knife slot with the blade being securely held by the unique cam-lock mechanism.


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