Today’s Bike Accessories Are Cooler Than You Think

bike accessories

Looking for an amazing gadget for your cyclist friend and can’t find enough to fulfill your desire? Here’s a special roundup on 6 Bike Accessories that can work as best gadgets for cyclists. From bike racks to locks, you’ll discover a lot of variety in the world of bike accessories under this list.

Make Bike Rack

Perfect to store your bike safely indoors. Make has come up with this brilliant bike accessory that is wall mounted and comes with a shelf to store your bike inside as well as expose it at the same time.


KADALOCK replaces your heavy duty lock to a lightweight gadget, it is fits on your bike bottle cage, and connect your phone for security. Have peace of mind on your bike with this smart bike accessory, it connects your phone to watch your bike for you. KADALOCK is the bicycle bottle cage compatible Bluetooth cable lock, rider do not need to find a place to carry an additional lock on a backpack or external racks.

NFP Fitness Urban Bicycle

To call the NFP Fitness Urban Bicycle by Velo Lab just another city bike would be an understatement. This bicycle offers that aggressive riding experience most bike riders crave for. It is one of Velo Lab’s non folder model which can also adopt the 26” wheels for those who aren’t that comfortable with 700C.

Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves

Created by a Google Engineer, these Turn Signal Gloves are one of the best ways to increase your visibility and communicate your turning intentions to other vehicles on the road. Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™ features an ambient lights sensor which boosts visibility during the day and extends battery life at night.

Blinder 4 By Knog

The Knog Blinder 4 has four super bright LEDs that pump out upto 80 Lumens of front light and 44-Lumens of rear light. Its optimized optics focus and directs a smooth beam pattern that makes the Blinder visible over 800 metres keeping you well seen.

Pocket Monkey Wallet Multitool

Meet the Pocket Monkey Wallet Multitool – It’s small enough to fit in your wallet and sturdy to work as a bottle opener housing a toolbox. That makes it a comfortable utility device you can access whenever necessary, directly from your wallets. It can be considered as 12 utility and convenience tools merged into one.

You can get more information about bike accessories by click on given link.


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