Top 5 Cool Gadgets For Women of the 21st Century

gadgets for women

Today’s women are smart balancers of their work life as well as personal life. They are both intelligent and fashionable which is what represents a perfect combination of beauty with brains. Just to help these modern fashionistas with their everyday shopping experience, here are top 5 latest Gadgets for Women you must check for once. If you belong to this women power yourself, then consider this roundup dedicated for you. For those who have female friends or are looking for a special gift idea for their gadget crazy girlfriend, there’s no better place to be right now. Have a look:

Starter Watch

Starter Watch is an online service that lets you design and 3D print your own watch. After designing your watch and submitting the data online, the parts will be 3D printed and delivered to you. You can simply put them together only with a screwdriver.

Secret Decoder Ring

Talking with encrypted messages takes a ring approach now. This Secret Decoder Ring can be used to encrypt a message using a number substitution. You have to rotate the window in order to discover your message. Every number in the window needs to be substituted with a corresponding letter which when noted will help you discover the final message from the coded one.

1 Voice Bluetooth Fitness Headband

Tangled wires? Earbuds falling out? Juggling where to put your phone while working out so that you can listen to your favorite tunes and exercise? That’s no longer a problem. Introducing the 1 Voice Headband — a sports headband with built-in Bluetooth earbuds that stream high quality music from any of your portable devices.

Leoht – Tech Handbag

What is a Leoht? Leoht [lay-oat] is a luxury handbag infused with modern technologies that enhance your world. Made from the finest leathers, custom hardware, and ingenious engineering, the Leoht Tote is one of the ultimate gadgets for women you’ve been waiting for.

CMUK. Shoes

CMUK. – The Ultimate City Going / Travel sneaker. For men and women in sizes 6 (women) to 13 (men). CMUKs (pronounced ‘smook’) are unique in that they are lightweight, barefoot ready, washable/dry-fast, fold nearly flat, vegan and have a heavy insole.


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