5 Amazing Gadgets You Must Have Sometime in Your Life


Sometimes it’s all about having some fun. That’s why you need these cool new gadgets. They represent fun in a totally new way which can make those outdoor trips as well as indoor times unlike what you have experienced till date. Here are 5 such examples of cool gadgets for modern explorers:

Glow in the Dark Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

The name says it all. It could be your campfire favorite accessory and work for hot dogs too. These forks have been made of stainless steel and can extend up to 31 inches to keep you and your near ones away from the heat. The best thing here are the glow in the dark handles which would make it easy for you to find them in the dark.

BLOC Power Bank for Apple Watch

BLOC is the ultimate elegant & chic solution for charging the Apple Watch. 2000mAh lithium polymer battery providing 4 full recharges to your watch. 100% wireless charging experience keeps desk cord-free and computers port-free. Ultra-slim 10mm design incredibly unobtrusive for desktop usage and also portable for on-the-go.

LED Temperature Sensitive Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

There are two knobs and a ceramic valve with the spout having LEDs. Temperatures less than 28° C will be showcased with blue color, between 28° C – 38° C will be showcased with green color and above 38° C will be showcased with red color. Now that’s an amazing faucet you can have for your bathroom! That’s a cool tech gadget indeed!

Sea Doo Pro Sea Scooter

Get on with some underwater activity now! With this Sea-Doo Seascooter in hand, you’ll be able to explore the depths of the underwater world like a star. It’s an ergonomic design which is neutrally buoyant and comes with stabilizing glide fins to help in straight line forward navigation. There’s also a down force spoiler which prevents upward skidding whenever the scooter is accelerating.

Moon Bowl

Serve your dishes like you were living on moon. The Moon Bowl is definitely one giant leap towards being an entertainer on the dinner table. It features a realistic carving of the surface of the moon which is what makes it worth a try. Durable melamine has been used to carve this bowl that is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.


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