5 New Tech Gadgets Blending With Your Everyday Life


Want to add some fun to your daily lifestyle? How about exploring some of the latest fancy smart gadgets that not only look good but can also be of great importance in your day to day life. Introducing some of the new technology gadgets which can help you live a better life both indoors and outdoors.

4SeTV Streaming Device

Watch Four Live TV Channels at Once on Tablet, Smartphone or TV with the 4SeTV Streaming Device Sports fans, rejoice! The sports bar TV viewing experience is landing in your living room. With so many live games on TV at once, what if you didn’t have to choose between your favorite teams? With the 4SeTV™ streaming device – you don’t have to!


Stikey is an ultra-portable, magnetic stand for smartphones and phablets that works in any orientation. Using a rare-earth magnet, Stikey securely attaches to the small and thin metal tab positioned on the back of your phone or case. It also organizes your cables and prevents them from getting tangled and damaged when carrying them around.

Moggles Pocket Virtual Reality

Moggles is a cool everyday gadget that uses the display and motion sensors of your smartphone and tracks the motions of your head to give the phone display real time updates about in which direction you are looking. The sensors in your phone track your head movements and update the viewpoint of the phone screen.

Bringing Healthcare Home

CliniCloud is high tech gadget that works as a connected medical kit designed for the home. Now you can closely monitor every fever, chill, cough, wheeze or cold. You can even get a medical consultation in the comfort of your own home. Doctors have always relied on the stethoscope to diagnose common conditions, from asthma to pneumonia to the common cold. Now with the CliniCloud stethoscope, anyone can listen and develop an informed opinion, or get a check-up on demand.


Prizm is one of those technology gadgets which works as a learning device. It instantly plays the perfect music on your speakers, based on people in the room and the context. Whether you are alone at home, with family, or partying with friends, Prizm adapts and predicts the music you’ll love. Prizm streams music directly from the Cloud so you don’t even need to use a phone or a computer.


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