Gift Your Man Something Special – Here are 5 Top Gadgets For Men!

gadgets for men

Want to gift your man something special? Be it on Anniversary or for any other celebration, these Gadgets for Men are bound to bring a smile on every modern man’s face.

HICKIES Responsive Lacing System

HICKIES responsive lacing system is made from a memory-fit elastomer that moves with your feet while providing the comfort and stability to keep you one step ahead. Whether you want to slimline your sneakers or add some more snap to your workout, HICKIES offer an unbeatable combination of fit, function, and fashion.

Caramel Wallet

This natural tanned leather has a refreshing caramel colour. This bad-boy will show some scuffs and scrapes but that just adds to it’s character. It has a classic look with a modern slim style. An easy access pocket on the outside and two on the inside can hold 12+ cards.Handmade with premium full-grain cowhide leather.

Secret Decoder Ring

Talking with encrypted messages takes a ring approach now. This Secret Decoder Ring can be used to encrypt a message using a number substitution. You have to rotate the window in order to discover your message. Every number in the window needs to be substituted with a corresponding letter which when noted will help you discover the final message from the coded one.

Phaz Music Model P2 Headphones

Phāz is the first company to design best-in-class audio performance headphones and bring energy to music with their ability to transfer power from the headphone battery to consumers’ connected mobile device. The Model P2 headphones feature a 1,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery capable of boosting a listeners mobile device up to 70% so you can charge your phone while you listen to music.

Huawei Android Watch

Huawei’s first Android Wear watch is built with a Sapphire crystal. Tough as a diamond and just as beautiful, the Huawei Watch is the watch you’ll love to wear every day. Spend some time with the Huawei Watch and you realize that this is much more than a smart watch: it’s an intelligent data center with the power to change the way you live your life. A classic watch should stand the test of time.

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