This Summer Flaunt a Cool Look With These Wooden Sunglasses

wooden sunglasses

Summer’s already here and this calls for some upcoming fun time at the beach. Only this year bring some new style to your everyday fashion with these amazing wooden sunglasses. Have a look:

Seaval Shades, Floating Wooden Sunglasses!

Seaval Shades are the best wooden sunglasses on the market: Equipped with top-quality polarized Revo lenses. Kickass resistance against sun, salt and water. They Float! So don’t lose them again, especially with those bright reflective lenses. Flexible/Durable stainless steel hinges. Made from bamboo, the most abundant and sustainable natural material or Highly sought-after and luxurious Zebra Wood.

Canby Zebrawood Sunglasses by Shwood

If there’s one timeless beauty you could give your eyes, it has to be these luxurious Canby Zebrawood Sunglasses by Shwood. A perfect combination of wayfarer styling and hardwood aesthetics goes in the making of this brilliant eyewear you can’t avoid having in your collection. The wood being sustainably harvested from supervised locations worldwide, this pair of sunglasses is a masterpiece in terms of bringing that unforgettable style through a daily wear.

Owl 3 Sunglasses by GUFO

Protect your delicate eyes from the harmful rays of the sun in a fashionable way by using these Owl 3 Sunglasses by GUFO. They are both strong and durable so that you’re able to use them under whatsoever outdoor conditions. The high-quality polarized lenses provide 100% protection from UVA / UVB rays. Together with this, the frame has been bamboo covered in resin which apart from being durable, is water resistant too.

MÛ Contortionist Wood Sunglasses

Highly flexible and sustainable wood sunglasses, for a fun and responsible world! See the world differently through MÛ. A new concept in eyewear, MÛ combines eco-consciousness with efficient design: sleek style that maximizes each element employed. Leather, wood and other recyclable materials come together to prove the beauty of simplicity.

1st Element Bamboo Sunglasses

1st Element Sunglasses are designed to be one simple thing; The Best. We are striving to create the most fashionable, sustainable, and affordable sunglasses on the market. 1st Element Sunglasses was created to revolutionize the eye-wear industry with a sustainable and eco-friendly material: bamboo. Every pair of sunglasses 1st Element sells is handcrafted from bamboo.

Know more information about wooden sunglasses by click on given link.


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