Top iPhone 5 Accessories You Can’t Ignore

iphone 5 gadgets

For those of you who still own an iPhone 5, here’s a roundup of top iPhone 5 gadgets you can use to customize the look of your iPhone 5 based on your preference. There are cases as well as speakers which work as beautiful gadgets for iPhone 5. If you think your phone can do with some add-ons, these are great options worth checking.

Pocketbuddy Case For iPhone 5/5s

This Pocketbuddy Case For iPhone 5/5s/5c is not just a protective case for your iPhone. In fact, it’s one of those cases which comes with an integrated storage compartment, removable pill organizing tray and slide in card holder. A case you can carry with your everyday necessities tucked in.

Aztec Calendar iPhone 5 Case

If you truly admire the beauty of Aztec prints, then this Aztec Calendar iPhone 5 Case by Carved is surely made for you. It’s a simple snap on case designed to protect your iPhone 5/5S from those unwanted external damage that might occur time and again. The case has been hand finished on real wood and includes no adhesive or exposed sides.

ChargeCard for iPhone 5

Bringing a super thin USB cable called ChargeCard you can twist and turn to make it compatible with any USB port. It has been made for the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c and can be used effectively once you snap the USB plug from its position. Since it comes with a flexible tongue, you can use this USB charger in three degrees of freedom, thus making the charger usable under whatsoever circumstances.

iZZi Slim iPhone 5/5s Case

Take your photographic experience with the iPhone to a whole new level with this extremely powerful iZZi Slim iPhone 5/5s Case. It’s an award winning iPhone case which comes with 4 pro-grade lenses, the addition of which can give your iPhone extra powers to capture crystal clear shots and videos. The case is convenient to use and is not too much of an extra burden to carry around when travelling with your iPhones.

Eight Speaker for iPhone 5/5s

A numeric extravaganza will be unveiled once you pair your iPhones with this exquisite Eight Speaker for iPhone 5/5s. Carved out of sustainably-harvested walnut wood, this speaker draws its inspiration from the classic numeric digit “8” that looks highly admirable on the stainless steel base. The magnetic snap attachment in the front keeps the optional lighting cable hidden from view thus making your speaker more compact and eye-catching.

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