5 New Technology Gadgets You Can Use Every Day

Luxury smart gadgets

Do you love looking for luxury smart gadgets time and again? Like smartwatches or fancy phone stands? How about exploring some of the latest gadgets released in the past few weeks under one roof. It’s great to see such extreme work in technology and here goes a list of top 5 high tech gadgets for those who feel technology constitutes our past, present and future.

Mojo Refuel Invictus 3200

Now you’ll get to enjoy the world’s first removable power solution for your iPhone 6 in the form of the Mojo Refuel Invictus 3200 iPhone 6 Charger Case. It will not only provide you with power backup but will also give your iPhone full time protection from impact and shock. The slim, snug fit profile is what will keep your iPhone 6 as beautiful as ever.


See the world’s first voice-controlled scanner that organizes your photos as it scans. Tell us what’s in your photo, and we’ll tag it. The cameras inside our iPhones can produce very high quality images, but as anyone that has ever tried to take a picture of a picture can tell you, the results aren’t always perfect. As hard as you try to get your phone at just the right height and angle, there’s always some glare or blurriness that can ruin the shot.


Our product is SmartPlate, the first intelligent plate that instantly tracks and analyzes everything a consumer eats. Much research has proven that people who track and journal what they eat drastically improve their physical condition, but current solutions on the market require tedious manual data entry which are highly inaccurate as they rely on self-reporting, second-hand data.

Ametis – LED Lavatory Faucet

The faucet comes with a slim structure and has a pretty innovative design. In fact, the design is so elegant that this faucet won’t go unnoticed by your guests for sure. To add to the looks is the color-changing, temperature sensitive LED light ring. It will indicate a color change depending on the temperature of water.


Is your child spending a bit too much time on their iPad each day? Well, don’t’ worry. We’ve got you covered … KiDCASE can actually monitor exactly how much time your child is using their device, automatically disable it when your daily time limits are reached, and even block time windows, such as after bedtime or before school on weekdays.

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