5 Top Bike Accessories Designed for the Modern Travelers

bike accessories

Are you one of those bicycle riders who’s always passionate about new accessories for their bike? How about some cool bike lock or a wine carrier? When you travel down the lanes for a long span of time, you often require bike accessories to keep your belongings safe and sound. Here are top 5 best gadgets for cyclists every bike lover would love to have sometime in their lives.

Mobo – Pocket Air Pump

If you wish to carry an air pump with you while you travel, the Mobo Pocket Air Pump is one of the most portable solutions you can opt for. The size being compact can easily fit in your pocket or tote and is compatible with most standard valves and both Presta and Woods valves by using an adapter. Even the design is pretty sleek and stylish which is lightweight too because of the aluminium construction.


A titanium EDC (everyday carry) multi-tool with interchangeable driver bits, a carbide tip window punch and a utility blade all in one. The Titanium BitzBlade EDC Multi-Tool is a patent-pending product aimed at helping you keep your most commonly used tools at your fingertips. With the six interchangeable stainless steel, double sided bits you have 12 different driver types/sizes to use.

The Ride-A-Long

It’s better for your health, reduces your carbon footprint and opens up photo ops you’d never catch driving. We could go on, but let’s just pile a cherry on top biking charges your phone. The Ride-a-long converts leg power into electric power. Now your clean commute generates clean energy for your phone, Go-Pro and any other USB powered device. Installation is a breeze, requiring only your hands as tools.

Windrider Reflective Bicycle Clip

You can now channel the Greek god Hermes while you bicycle. What you need is this Windrider Reflective Bicycle Clip which can peg legs comfortably. The fluorescent PVC will glow in the dark so that you get enough visibility for night riding. Some people have also tried strapping it on their arms for a cool, nightclub look.

Satechi Camera Bike Mount

Attach digital cameras, digital recorders or any recording device on your bike’s handlebars using this Satechi Camera Bike Mount. The mount can fit any handlebar up to 1 inch in diameter which comes with two adjustable pivoting action hinges. This enables you to enjoy a 360 degree horizontal rotation with a 180 degree vertical tilt.

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