Gadgets for iPhone 5 You Must Get Today

top iphone 5 accessories

Your iPhone 5 is probably your best companion throughout the day. But have you tried customizing it the way you want to? Do you think you could with more? The smartphone accessories market is literally overflowing these days with tons of products on display. Here are some of the top iPhone 5 Accessories you may want to check and have for your precious iPhone 5 sometime soon.

Blue Eyes iPhone Case

Moxie has come up with an exclusive edition of Blue Eyes iPhone Case that can totally transform the look of your iPhone. It’s compatible with iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPhone 6 which bears the face of a white tiger with blue eyes. The print is so clear that you might get goosebumps when you look at those pair of eyes.


The first case to protect your Apple iPhone & Samsung Galaxy from overheating & freezing. Optimal is an ultra-thin, high-end protection case that’s designed to keep your smartphone in its ideal operating temperature. By constantly monitoring for temperature shifts and adjusting accordingly, Optimal makes sure your smartphone operates at maximum performance levels during any task or weather conditions.

CLIC Metal iPhone 5/5s case

Every case has been cut out of solid wood and then hand-polished to fit your iPhone 5/5S. You’ll get that ideal finish you desire. The unique grain finish is what makes this case an ideal one to complement the beauty of your iPhone 5/5S. Traditional cherry or walnut wood have a charm of their own which is highlighted beautifully on this case.

Moxie iPhone Cover Skull Head

The Moxie iPhone Cover Skull Head is designed for those who wish to give their iPhones a spooky makeover. Notice the innovative skull design used on this case which can do wonders in customizing your iPhone and giving it a new look altogether. You can choose among a variety of color combinations (blue, green and red) which could be either on a Black or Transparent base.

Tree of Life Bamboo Phone Case

Two piece bamboo construction which is both eco-friendly as well as stylish in design. The soft inner liner of the Tree of Life Bamboo Phone Case by DecalGirl helps as an added protection for your phone and safeguards it from any unwanted danger. To highlight the beauty of the design, the case has been engraved in detail and buffed by hand so as to bring out that amazing look and finish.

Know more details by click on given link.


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