Some of the Latest Car Accessories to Use Your Car in a Smarter Way

used car accessories

Transportation has massively evolved over the years. Now you can’t even imagine going for work without your car. But how much have you really given in accessorizing it? Does it have those fancy car mounts or dashboard trays? Here’s a look at the latest car accessories your four wheeler definitely deserves to have. Ride like a star!


The first gadget that pays for itself! Better mileage, lower emissions, awesome trip computer. GoFar’s intuitive real time feedback means you spend less on fuel. Drive more efficiently and you’re cutting emissions and driving safer too. For every engine speed there is a sweet spot an optimum throttle position that maximises your power and minimises your fuel consumption. It’s where your car runs best.

RoadMaster Truck Desk

Adding class to your work truck is easy with the AutoExec RoadMaster Truck Elite series desk. This desk is exclusively offered with the extended Baltic birch wood top. The top is not only tough; it also allows you to secure a laptop that is up to 17 inches in size. Typing is made easy when you extend the laptop plate further over the center console.

MagBak for iPhone

MagBak is a minimalist protective case and mounting solution for your iPhone. It’s thin, simple, and amazingly functional. MagBak Case has embedded industrial strength rare earth magnets that enable mounting natively to any metal surface like a fridge or a whiteboard. MagStick is a small low profile aluminum crafted piece that enables you to mount your phone to any surface.

Cup Holder Swivel Tray

Carrying your lunch on your lap inside the car will be gone forever once you install this Cup Holder Swivel Tray. Your food will always stay in place and not slide all around. You can always swivel the tray towards the passenger side whenever you don’t require it while driving. The tray attaches to the car’s cup holder and keeps everything at your fingertips.


When CarVi is on duty, it’s watching for some of the key factors that can contribute to accidents and checking for ways to help your passengers feel comfortable and safe. Whenever a potential danger is imminent, it issues a warning to help you avoid the trouble. CarVi adds an extra set of “eyes” to your driving, monitoring your position in the lane and the location of the car ahead. CarVi monitors your distance from the driver in front of you.

For more information about used car accessories, you can click on given link.

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