Super Useful Smart Home Accessories Helping You Lead a Better Life Indoors

home accessories

Think your home could use some good technology? Why not start with these smart home appliances. New products that aim to revolutionize the way you’ve been living till date. Smart Home products aren’t just another set of gadgets adding some fun to your daily life. They are infact, a source of living life in a more secure way. Let’s see what these new smart home accessories have to say,


Much research has proven that people who track and journal what they eat drastically improve their physical condition, but current solutions on the market require tedious manual data entry which are highly inaccurate as they rely on self-reporting, second-hand data. We aim to change this. For ourselves and for the people we love most.


Finally! A bath faucet for the 21st Century. Instant hot water, complete touchless operation for on/off & temperature and flow rate, a pop-out drinking fountain, touch bar for constant flow, WiFi connectivity for updates and available in over 250 colors & patterns for custom coordination with bath decor. Scald proof for kids and overflow prevention for all basin and countertop vessel sinks.

Bruno Smartcan

Bruno and its patents pending technologies have been many months in the making. The powerful vortex vacuum feature will deliver every dog hair, cheerio and grain of dirt directly into the trash bag. Just place the broom in front of the vacuum inlet to start the powerful vortex suction and Bruno will do the rest. Bruno will also remind you to take the trash out on trash day, and alert you when you are low on bruno bags (a fancy way of saying trash bags).

FFWD Camera

Comes with a magnetic mount that can mount on a number of surfaces. Comes with a base that can rotate and tilt. Use your smartphone as a real-time monitor to get that perfect frame. Set up intervals between shots and with the simple push of a button you can start recording. Send your timelapse to the cloud and share it on all your social networks.

ivee Sleek

ivee Sleek makes it possible to manage and control your home‘s connected devices by simply speaking your commands. In addition, ivee helps you set reminders, wakes you up on time, and even fetches live Internet content (like weather, stocks, and news) that is relevant to you.

Know more details about home accessories by click on given link.


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