Top 5 Fashionable Gadgets For Men of the 21st Century

gadgets for men

21st Century men look more products that are stylish as well as functionally sound. So here are some of the recent entries in the world of men’s gadgets which could work great in enhancing your overall style quotient every day. 5 top gadgets for men you simply can’t ignore. From dopp kits to wallets, product design was never this stylish before.

Wallet Espresso By Arcane Supply

Arcane’s minimalist bi-fold wallet, cut straight from a leather skin, has two card slots with sleeves for cash directly behind them. The 5oz leather is soft and supple but heavy enough to withstand years of rugged use. It is buttery soft and will quickly mold to the inventory it holds.

Vaiden Astronaut Workout Apparel

Vaiden Astronaut Workout Apparel utilizes Outlast® Phase Change technology – an innovative way to enhance your body’s ability to manage temperature. The technology was originally developed to help astronauts regulate their temperatures in space. As your body works, heat is transferred and absorbed into tiny polymer shells within the fabric called Thermocules™. These Thermocules™ then release heat toward and away from skin as needed, keeping you at an optimal temperature.

Seaside Spruce

As a company composed of Georgia Tech students, they incorporate the culture and style of our surroundings into their products and brand. Their selection has evolved to become a well-edited assortment of bespoke designs to compliment your personal style.

Paris Passport Case

Keep all your wallet essentials carefully stocked on this Paris Passport Case. It represents an oversized wallet that can hold up to four passports plus boarding passes, checkbook and credit cards as well as divided currency slot for bills from different countries. You can choose to carry it especially when you’re traveling with your family which naturally calls for a lot of additionals you need to have in your wallets.

Custom Beard Kit

Any 1 Beard Oil Scent + Any 1 Face & Beard Wash Brick + 1 Beard Balm. Take care of that mug of yours. Mix or match beard oil and brick scents. Each product is geared to keep your face and beard looking and feeling healthy and smelling great. All of our products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, toxin-free, harsh chemical-free, and absolutely no testing on animals. The face wash brick and beard oil are available in Mint, Musk, Tea Tree and Bay Rum (while supplies last).

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