What Sites Can You Use For Kickstarter Project Promotion?

kickstarter project promotion

Coming up with a Kickstarter project soon? In that case, what you need is some good promotion of your project in order to draw more backers and possibly a higher value of sales. But how do you do so? Your social media isn’t that popular and it’s difficult to draw new customers or backers based on something that’s totally new. Here are 5 top Kickstarter Project Promotion sites that can help you promote your products to millions of users.

The Gadget Flow Platform

Apart from showcasing out-of-the-world gizmos and artsy designs, The Gadget Flow has always been upright on featuring unique Kickstarter projects. With 3M+ monthly visitors and over 300K social media followers, this can surely be a great opportunity for you to promote your Kickstarter project among a larger audience.


More specifically named as the “Google Analytics for Kickstarter”, Kicktraq is a site that can not only help you track your project but also get introduced to the thousands of Kicktraq users who are ardent visitors of the platform everyday. As they said it clearly on their letter for Project Owners, “We want to help others find you so we can all be excited to watch your campaign reach and exceed its goals!” What more could you want from a promotional website, analytics and coverage both can happen at the same time here.


From showcasing the new world of gaming to cool gadgets on the web, New-Startups is a platform that has always believed in aggregating innovative ideas from the emerging tech world on their portal. Such a platform with its unique user base could always be a boost for your unconventional crowdfunding project and help you in gaining some attention from techspirational users.


The name itself translates in Spanish as “to aid or to help” and Ayudos is a platform that does the same for crowdfunding projects. From promoting your projects on social media to publishing press releases and articles directly to news and media outlets to even cross promoting with other crowdfunding networks, Ayudos does it all for you and your project.


This isn’t just a site for promotion only. Apart from featuring press releases and articles on various crowdfunding projects, CrowdFundBeat also brings a lot of useful resources for the crowdfunding community. Opinions, Conferences to the World crowdfunding news, this site can give your Kickstarter journey a boost in totality, from promoting your product to gaining some intuitive insights from this world of innovation.

For more details, you can click here.

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