Check Out 5 of the Coolest Home Decorating Accessories Ideas

Blank Wall Clock

Looking forward to renovating your home and accessorizing it a completely new way? What you might need are some of the recent home decorating accessories ideas. By using a combination of these innovative products, you can give you the makeover it deserves. Here are 5 examples.

Blank Wall Clock

You can now turn your standard wall clock into a message board with this Blank Wall Clock. The purpose of this wall clock is to transform an everyday object into something more special. You can easily personalize it with a message or a daily reminder if required. Hand-drawn images are welcome too! The set includes a pen with the clock being made of aluminium.

Plug Lamp by Propaganda

Made of plastic, the Plug Lamp by Propaganda is surely one of the coolest forms of indoor lighting you can have for your home. The lamp has been shaped exactly like a plug which is what adds some fun to the overall design. It’s definitely going to look adorable in your living room or even your bedrooms and will definitely be a conversation starter among your guests.

Retro Heart-Shaped Tape Wall Mural

Bring a retro feel to your home or office by adding this Retro Heart-Shaped Tape Wall Mural. The mural will be perfect to highlight behind your couch, desk or bathtub, the purpose of which is to help you go back in time with a charming design. Peel and stick thin canvas goes behind the making of this wall mural that comes with a matte finish. Definitely one of the vintage styled home decorating accessories ideas.

Lotus Cotton Bud Holder

Keep your cotton buds beautifully stocked on the dressing table or at the bathroom counter by using one of these Lotus Cotton Bud Holders. The design is extremely elegant and chic which is what makes this holder a perfect accessory you can use to display your cotton buds anyday.

ARS Tray Table – Designed for the ARTLESS Up Solutions Sofa

A piece of exquisite design made for the ARTLESS Up Solutions Sofa, the ARS Tray Table can work as one of the stylish home decorating accessories ideas to store your food and accessories when you’re resting on the couch. The table fits on the arm of the sofa and can also work as a sturdy surface to place your laptop, dinner plate or beverage.


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