Luxurious Pet Accessories For Your Furry Friends

Sphere Cat Tower – With a Comfy Interior Cushion

They stay with you through your ups and downs without ever asking for anything in return. They are your pets to whom you’re their world. Why not bring some change to their lives by gifting them some of the coolest pet accessories out there. Here’s a quick look at the latest releases you could have for your furry friends.

Cat Wall Wheel – Great Activity for Your Cat

Give your kitty a perfect playtime activity by installing one of these Cat Wall Wheels in your room. It’s a design manufactured by Holin Design that flaunts a wheel your cat will love to use as a great form of activity tool. This wheel is ideal to keep your kitty in good mental and physical condition. The wheel will take up little space in your room and requires a solid wall.

Sphere Cat Tower – With a Comfy Interior Cushion

Your kitty will get to enjoy the comfort of a plush abode when you gift her this Sphere Cat Tower. It’s a complete cat house which has been made out of wicker and includes everything a cat expects from his/her home. The leg has been provided with a sisal rope cover so as to help your kitty get some of those aha “scratching” moments throughout the day.

Oppo Groomo

Give your itchy kitties some rest by brushing them up time and again with the Oppo Groomo. It’s one of those amazing pet accessories which will help you groom your cat that has been inspired from the Japanese goro-goro rolls with one-sided adhesive tape. This brush follows that same technology and includes a roll of tape. That means when you’re brushing your cat, the excess hair gets stuck in the tape so that you don’t have to go for a cleaning process post the session.

Snuggle Buddy II Pet Bed

Ideal for your pets, be it a dog or a cat. Made out of a fleece top and a waterproof duck bottom, the Snuggle Buddy II Pet Bed can be a comfy resting place for your pets throughout the day. It will actually be fun to watch them rest snugly on this pet bed which bears the print of “Snuggly Buddy” on top.

Pet Crate End Table

Durable and constructed out of 100% solid wood. Give your fluffy doggies a special pet accessory in the form of the Pet Crate End Table which not only works as a beautiful abode but also comes as beautiful design. They can be your dog’s private space to relax throughout the day as and when they wish to take some time out from those endless searches and digging for bones.

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