Top 5 Awesome Gadgets for Parents of the 21st Century


Parenting in this modern age often becomes difficult when you have to juggle between your work life and newborn at the same time. So just to make the process a tad easy for the new age parents, here are some cool gadgets for parents you could try using. Have a look:

Flyebaby Airplane Baby Seat

Travel comfortably with your little one cradled in your arms using this Flyebaby Airplane Baby Seat. The good thing about the seat is that it can work both as a cosy seat for your baby inside the flight and then turn any chair into a high-chair for the little one outside flights. By attaching it to the seat in front of you, you can make good use of this wonderful seat in keeping up with the face to face interaction with your baby when you’re on a long flight.

Saddlebaby Baby Shoulder Carrier

Let your little ones enjoy the ride on your back while you take them around the city on this  Saddlebaby Baby Shoulder Carrier. While the Strong Velcro Straps ensure the safety of your child, it also gives you an opportunity to walk hands-free on the streets without holding on to your kid’s ankles. Traditional child carriers often pose the problem of causing back pains and body aches but this one’s been designed in a way that makes travelling with your kid on the shoulder an easy job.

Baby Mop

Top 5 reasons you NEED a baby mop: Teach your baby a strong work ethic early on in their life. Your baby will learn not to drop and waste food.Baby will get a nice workout, burn off energy, and do muscle toning. And sleep better too!


The first medical-quality wearable to help measure stress, epileptic seizures, activity and sleep. Embrace is one of those gadgets for parents that looks great on anyone. It can track your activity, stress and overall balance. It is designed to bring a better lifestyle to people that live with Epilepsy: they get an alert when an unusual event happens, like a convulsive seizure

Connected Medical Kit by CliniCloud

Getting medical opinion sitting back at home was never this easy. By using the Connected Medical Kit by CliniCloud, you’ll be able to bring the doctor home anytime anywhere. This kit comes with a digital stethoscope which is helpful for checking respiratory health. There’s also a non-contact thermometer for analysing your little one’s temperature even when they are asleep. One of the most useful gadgets for parents out there.


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