Explore a Whole New Side of Technology With These Wearable Devices

cheap wearable tech

Wearable devices have literally become the latest new hot stars in the world of gadgets today. You get fitness trackers, smartwatches and an entire range of cheap wearable tech as well as expensive ones for those who wish to make their lives a bit more easy with wearable technology by their side. Have a look at the latest entries in this field.

Polar A300 – Fitness and Activity Monitor

Get to live a more active lifestyle with the Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Monitor. This is one of those wearable fitness devices which will not only give you everyday activity stats but will also help in counting calories, steps and distance covered. The vibrating inactivity alerts will enable you to stay active throughout the day. You can also sync this tracker with the free Polar Flow app and decide on a workout plan, motivation and guidance.

Recon Jet Smart Eyewear for Sports and Fitness

Sports and fitness enthusiasts can now monitor their regular data with an amazing piece of wearable tech – the Recon Jet. It’s a smart eyewear designed exclusively to deliver sports and fitness data instantly. The data is displayed just below your right eye so you would be able to focus your entire attention on your task without being distracted by the eyewear’s information.

Kronoz Zewatch2 – OLED Screen Smart Watch

Stay connected, motivated and active in a technological way by using the Kronoz Zewatch2 Smartwatch. It’s one of the wearable devices which has got a fancy looking OLED screen which will vibrate and display the caller number or ID when someone rings you. The side buttons and integrated speaker and microphone will help you take your calls directly from the smartwatch. You’ll also receive notifications on missed calls and SMS.

Homido Virtual Reality Headset

Get set to experience VR like never before with the Homido Virtual Reality Headset. This headset comes with 300+ VR apps you can find on the Homido center. The headset is a plug and play device by using which you’ll be able to dive into a gaming world in 360 degree. Not only this, you’ll be able to watch movies and videos in 3D and take your level of experiencing online media to an unexplored level altogether.

The Proxy – More Than Music

Your music, mobile assistant, texts, email and phone calls strapped to your wrist. Meet the 4 little buttons that will change your life. Headphones are for wedding djs, air-traffic controllers and shortwave radio enthusiasts. Take the blindfold off your ears. This cheap wearable tech is a small, mobile, multi-functional, bluetooth enabled, high fidelity sound system. Think of it as an upgrade to the audio capabilities of smartphones, tablets, computers and most other wired or bluetooth equipped mobile devices.


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