Give Your iPhone 6 One of These Phones Accessories Now!

phones accessories

If you’ve got an iPhone 6, chances are you are looking forward to having that perfect accessory for it. One cool stand or a rocking cover that will take your iPhone 6 experience to a whole new level altogether. Let’s explore some of these amazing phones accessories now:

Luzi- World’s Smartest Lamp That Helps You Sleep

Luzi is the world’s smartest lamp that helps you sleep. With Luzi you can control your connected devices with intelligent voice commands, get to sleep faster and sleep better with our patented sleep system, and clean up your nightstand with 4 integrated USB ports, wireless charging, and premium Bluetooth speakers.

Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6

Add up to 70 hours audio, 19 hours 3G talk time, 15 hours video, 14 hours internet or 3½ hours 3D gaming. Whatever you love doing, do it for longer.Each case contains a unique authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure 100% sync & charge compatibility with any iPhone 6. Adding only 0.23 inches of thickness to your iPhone 6, our battery case is one of the slimmest on the market.

Solar-5 Solar Panel 5000mAh charger by Creative Edge

Charge the internal battery of the Solar-5 by using this Solar-5 Solar Panel 5000mAh charger from Creative Edge. The Solar-5 will work as one of those cool phones accessories that acts as a handy power bank while you’re on the go by using natural energy to charge itself. You can also charge the Solar-5 from a wall outlet but the solar panel will be useful when you’re outdoors. The exterior of the charger has been made of silicone which makes this device water, shock and dust resistant as well as stylish.

Ninja Wooden Phone Stand

That ultimate fighting spirit of ninjas can now be a cool looking Ninja Phone Stand on your desktop. It’s a wooden design which highlights the ninjas in a cute way you’d want to flaunt on your workspace. But the beauty of this stand is that it isn’t a showpiece alone. The ninja here can easily bear the weight of your smartphone when it gets docked on this stand.

CulCharge USB Cable

Frustrated with carrying your phone chargers separately every day? What you need is one of a kind phones accessories in the form of the CulCharge USB Cable. The best thing about this cable is that it can attach to your keychain. This works as a charge and data cable for your iPhone 5 or 6 and iPad so that you can charge your phone or tablet anywhere on the go.

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