These 6 Geek Gadgets Are For Those Who Love Technology

Retro Gamers Controller Pool Float

If you’re one of those who love to consider technology as the only source of living, you’ll love these 6 geek gadgets. This is because they are solely designed for a quirkier lifestyle most geeks would agree to. Take a look:

Retro Gamers Controller Pool Float

Show off your fantasy for retro 80’s games by chilling on this Retro Gamers Controller Pool Float this summer. This inflatable raft would work great on the pool, lake or beach and is bound to be a big hit among gamers. The float has been made of heavy vinyl which can easily be inflated into a 5 feet long float which also includes a patch kit.

The Game Over Mug

Designed for a true gamer, the Game Over Mug is one of those geek gadgets which can add some gaming fun to your coffee times. It comes with game controller shaped handles on either side. Even the inside of the mug reads “Game Over” in green letters which will truly bring that gaming spirit every time you sip coffee on this. Every mug will hold around 12 ounces of liquid and has been beautifully designed out of ceramic.

Hover X Ultimate Gamer’s LapDesk – A Complete Portable Gaming Station

Get to play games like a pro by using the Hover X Ultimate Gamer’s LapDesk. Just like the name suggests, this LapDesk will hold your laptop and has additional places for a mouse as well as a phone and tablet display. It ventilates your laptop and will let any extra heat that is generated to be absorbed within the material. The temperature control is actually a great feature that will never let you feel the heat while working with this setup.

Star Wars Yoda 3D Deco Light

Let Yoda break through your walls and light up your rooms with this Star Wars Yoda 3D Deco Light. The cracked sticker gives the “break through the wall” appearance with the battery operated LED light working as a wonderful lighting system for rooms with limited wall outlets. You can even control its operations by using a remote.

Robosapien X Robot

To consider the Robosapien X Robot just another robot for your modern playtimes would be an understatement. This robot is an adorable geek gadget based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics and has been built with a lot of attitude and intelligence. It includes an array of interactive sensors and is 14” tall which has been designed by a NASA scientist.


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