These New Tech Gadgets Come With Fantastic Designs

technology gadget

Technology gadgets are being released in a large number each day. But what really matters is their importance in your everyday life and ofcourse, the design. Here’s a number of new technology gadgets which do come with amazing designs.

Rocki Play Wireless Speaker Adapter

Let all your speakers play music wirelessly with the help of the Rocki Play Wireless Speaker Adapter. By using this, you’ll be able to connect to any of your audio system wirelessly and thus experience music like you always wish to. One press of a button will allow you to create a playlist you desire.

Elgato Eve Door & Window – Wireless Contact Sensor with Apple HomeKit Technology

Live smarter by knowing more about the place you care about most. Eve Door & Window is one of those high tech gadgets which understands whether your door or window is open or closed. See the current open/closed state at a glance and view statistics on time & duration to make smarter choices. Taking advantage of Apple’s revolutionary HomeKit technology, Eve offers unparalleled ease of use, advanced security, and tight integration with Siri.

Portable Rechargeable HDMI Projector by Ivation

Take a projector wherever you go and watch movies or give presentations anywhere with the Portable Rechargeable HDMI Projector by Ivation. The idea behind this projector was to make a device that comes with a small footprint and is highly portable. But the small package won’t compromise with the bigger, better quality of the picture or video that’s projected.

Ology® Drone – With First Person View FPV Live Video Feed

For those who take super interest in quadcopters, the Ology® Drone is one of those new tech gadgets which comes with camera aerial photography and will provide live video feeds while on the fly. It’s a powerfully designed drone with real time video transmission. The remote control functions will allow you to fly it wisely (up/down, left/right, forward/backward) and also do tricks such as 360 degree flip flight stable flying.

The Sitara Wireless Remote Follow Focus

Embrace Cinema Gear has developed the Sitara, a revolutionary Wireless Remote Follow Focus (WRFF) system poised to become the new standard for remote follow focuses worldwide. It’s fast, intuitive and bursting technology gadget with features that make older follow focus systems look old school and obsolete. No other WRFF comes close to offering the extensive features and affordability of the Sitara, and we need your support to bring it to market.


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