5 Cool Bluetooth Home Gadgets For a Smart Lifestyle

True Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver

Living a smart life isn’t much difficult anymore. There are tons of gadgets that will help you get through this new tech journey. Take these Bluetooth home gadgets for examples. They are cool, smart and makes life super easy by pairing up with your smartphone.

auris bluMe: True Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver

auris bluMe has been designed to transform your audio experience, seamlessly blending your current digital music technology with your classic audio equipment. It’s a true high fidelity Bluetooth music receiver with an audiophile grade DAC that streams high quality audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, computer or tablet to any music system or powered speakers. bluMe allows you to enjoy all of your high definition digital music with all the clarity, crispness and full emotional impact your legacy Hi-Fi audio system can deliver.

Vtin – Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker

Coming with 8 hours of playtime and a waterproof design, the Vtin Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker will keep you entertained during your shower times. The suction cup will help in attaching this speaker to smooth walls. Be it in the shower room or at the beach or poolside party, this speaker can accompany you with your favorite music everywhere. This Bluetooth home gadget ensures you get to experience crystal clear sound and a soft mediant as well as a powerful bass even when you’re in the shower or in some other damp environment.

Cromatica – Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

A touch interface and a corresponding app makes Cromatica – One of the coolest Bluetooth Speaker Lamps for your indoors. You can consider this lamp to be a perfect blend among light, sound and gestures. It is an amazing experiment that gives users the power to experiment between the mixing of light and sound effects. There’s a USB charging port and a line-in which will allow you to connect it to an external source such as a TV or an audio player.

Bluetooth Speaker Ottoman

Thanks to the world of Bluetooth, your everyday ottoman can now play music apart from working as a footrest on this Bluetooth Speaker Ottoman. It features a set of built-in wireless speakers which can play music effortlessly from any Bluetooth enabled device from a distance up to 30′ away. You get to hear rich, stereo quality sound from two 8-watt speakers placed on the sides of the ottoman so that the music propagation isn’t disturbed when you’re resting your feet on them.

HAPIfork Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork

HAPIfork is a Bluetooth home gadget which works as a Smart Fork from HAPILABS. It’s a Kickstarter funded project that took off big time after winning an innovation award in the health and wellness category at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The concept is very simple – the HAPIfork keeps track of how fast you eat and lets you know if you need to slow down. It’ll light up and start vibrating if you eat too fast. You can hook it up wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet and see your eating habit stats in real-time.


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