Enjoy Android Wear on Your Wrist With a Smart Android Watch

LG Watch Urbane

Smartwatches aren’t confined to the Pebble e-paper watch anymore. Now there is a whole bunch of new watches being released with the functionalities of Android Wear. Here are some of the smart Android watch you can wear on your wrist and enjoy the features of a smartwatch in style.

Orsto Q2 The ‘Uber Smart’ Round Smartwatch For Android & iOS

ORSTO Q2 Smartwatch is for those who desire design, functional excellence and the freedom to pair with Android & iOS Smartphones. The round design looks gorgeous on and off the wrist. At 42.5mm diameter it is smaller than other round smartwatches, and certainly looks smaller and much more aesthetically pleasing than the square smartwatches when worn on the wrist. The Stainless Steel Casing is individually machined from 316L surgical grade Stainless Steel.

LG Watch Urbane

The Urbane is a strange looking device. It’s not necessarily bad but it certainly is unique; you won’t be mistaking this for the Apple Watch any time soon. Thankfully, LG has decided to stick with the round display, a design choice that is classy and familiar to those who regularly wear watches. It’s the same round display that is comparable to the Moto 360’s screen without the silly little sensor bar at the bottom. The Urbane also has a dial on the side in the same location as most standard wristwatches. A smart Android watch your wrist can’t resist from having at least once.

Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony has opted for a plain smartwatch in the SW3. The actual watch itself is a rounded square of black boringness that is a safe design choice for Sony. However, the SW3 does not resign itself to a boring fate as it can be removed from the original wristband and then placed into a different wristband such as the lime green choice or even one of the newer stainless steel options. Even better is a watch holder thing that will make the SW3 compatible with normal watch bands so it will be incredibly easy to make the SW3 fit whatever occasion you want it to.

Android Wear Circle Smart Watch by LG

Be productive and keep your health intact with a proper fitness schedule using the Android Wear Circle Smart Watch by LG. The watch features a heart rate monitor and also lets you stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth. It’s compatible with most Android smartphones (4.3 or later) and can respond to the Ok Google Voice commands. The display is a 1.33″ full-circle P-OLED touch-screen with the casing being of stainless steel complemented with the bezel and leather watch band.

Huawei Android Watch

Huawei’s first smart Android watch is built with a Sapphire crystal. Tough as a diamond and just as beautiful, the Huawei Watch is the watch you’ll love to wear every day. Spend some time with the Huawei Watch and you realize that this is much more than a smartwatch: it’s an intelligent data center with the power to change the way you live your life. A classic watch should stand the test of time. That’s why the inspiration for the Huawei Watch comes from the golden age of watch design, with a contemporary twist that makes it irresistibly timeless.

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