Keep Up With the Smiling Face With These Funny Gadgets

Beatz Buddiez Softy

A little bit of fun and humor is what makes your life happy and worth living for. So why not try to bring some smile to your loved ones’ face with these funny gadgets. Don’t lose out on the happiness.

Puzzlehead – Brain Teaser and Construction Toy

Made out of fiberboard, the Puzzlehead acts as a fun brain teaser and construction toy for your kids. It’s a unique puzzle game even you might like to play at times in order to feel relieved or a bit stress free. The game consists of a fiber board with specific geometric patterns that symbolize funny heads. All you need to do is find the appropriate puzzle head and apply it on the corresponding area of the board.

Beatz Buddiez Softy

These Beatz Buddiez Softy can be one of those amazing funny gadgets for your cell phone, gaming device or computer. They might look like soft toys but these cheerful 3”-tall characters are amplified speakers in disguise. You can simply tether them to your players, clothing or backpack and carry them wherever you go. Every character has its own built‐in Hi‐Fi amplifier and USB rechargeable battery with auto on/off facilities.

Cat Bowls by Dylan Kendall

Add some real fun to your kitty’s life by restyling her old bowl with these stunningly designed Cat Bowls by Dylan Kendall. The bowl being raised from the ground by 3 ” through its two pair of legs, can easily hold any kind of pet food, be it wet or dry or even human snacks. They are also lead and cadmium free thus ensuring the fact that you don’t harm your pet’s digestive system in any way. It’s got a funny look too giving the feel that your kitty might have mistakenly gobbled the torso of a fellow toy.

Googly Eyes Bag Clip

This Googly Eyes Bag Clip is a creation from San Francisco-based consumer products design firm GAMAGO. The clip is made of sturdy plastic and comes with a spring clip that helps the eyes hold on tightly to your bag. The large googly eyes on the clip actually spin around and move like they do in cartoons. You’d literally be keeping an eye on the bag to keep it safe, even if your attention is elsewhere. It also makes for a great novelty gag gift and stocking stuffer.

Eliz-A-Brush Washing-Up Sponge

The Eliz-A-Brush Washing-Up Sponge is a dish washing sponge brought to you by wholesale gift supplier Paladone. One of the most amazing funny gadgets indeed. It’s fair to say that the Afro “do” suits the Queen very well, and it’ll make your dishes shine like the Crown Jewels. It may have been a long time since the Queen Mum had a close brush with dirty dishes in the sink, but her lookalike brush does make your kitchen look good even when the sponge is not being used. Besides, the Eliz-A-Brush also makes for a funny and useful novelty gift.


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