Special Pet Accessories For Your Tail-Wagging Best Friends

Woof Washer 360 – Perfect Washing System for Your Dog

How cool is it when you return home to see your pet welcoming you with a tail-wag every day. Why not make the day special for them with some gifts. Try these amazing pet accessories for example.

Noblecamper 2-in-1 Ultralight Travel Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag

Give your furry buddy that perfect nap even when you’re outdoors with them by using the Noblecamper. This is a simple travel dog bed which is compressible and can transform into a sleeping bag too easily. Be it when you’re backpacking, camping, hunting or heading for any other chilly outdoor adventure with your dog, this is the bed you can carry for him with ease. Simply keep the foldable piece in your bag and use the convenient bottom zipper to unfold the sides of the bed as and when required.

The Comfy Cone – E-Collar for Your Cats and Dogs

Give your pets the ultimate relaxation they desire with the help of this Comfy Cone. It’s a soft cone shaped e-collar which work as one of those useful pet accessories that has been veterinary tested for use on cats and dogs. The collar is made of foam backed nylon that comes in 4 different sizes. It’s the velcro closure which can adjust to many different sizes and give your pet the comfort they desire during nap time. There are special elastic loops at the neck that ensures to prevent it from being pulled off. You can also fold it back during their eating or drinking times or whenever it’s time to check their wounds and irritations.

Woof Washer 360 – Perfect Washing System for Your Dog

Bathing your dog is probably one of the most difficult tasks you face every other day. But with Woof Washer 360, things will seem a bit easy now. This washing system offers a 360 degree ring of water that jets gently around your dog to ensure you’re able to give them a 360-degree clean. You just have to add Woof Washer 360 to your hose, add shampoo, slip the hoop over your dog and turn on. Within no time, your dog will be scrubbed clean from head to toe at a water pressure to his liking.

Odin Modular Puzzle Treat Dog Toy

Let your dog enjoy solving a puzzle by himself with this Odin Modular Puzzle Treat Toy. It’s a unique puzzle dog toy which has treats placed inside the integrated flaps. This will make your dog toss and roll trying to get his treat out every time. The target is to get all the treats out. The entire process will stimulate the mental and physical condition of your dog and will definitely make him lead a healthy life ahead.

Cat Shark Bed – Cat Bed Celebrating Shark Week

Designed with six thick, soft panels and two openings, the Cat Shark Bed is one of the coolest pet accessories you can offer your kitty anyday. It’s more like a modern cave for your cat, the design of which seems to depict as if your cat is entering a shark’s mouth each time he/she tries to get some quick shut eye or those long snores. The six thick and flexible padded panels will move with your cat and give them the comfort they desire.

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