These Phones Accessories Will Make Your iPhone 6 Experience Special

BookBook Case and Wallet for iPhone 6 by Twelve South

Got an iPhone 6? Looking forward to accessorize it? These phones accessories will make sure you get to accessorize your iPhone 6 in the best way possible. Have a look.

BookBook Case and Wallet for iPhone 6 by Twelve South

How many times have you felt like doing something more with your iPhone 6 case? With the BookBook Case and Wallet for iPhone 6 by Twelve South you can. This is a genuine leather wallet plus iPhone 6 case which can also serve as a display stand and can be used as a removable shell for docking stations and mounts too. The design is one vintage-styled book that has been beautifully handmade out of top grain leather. The wallet pockets can be used to hold your ID, cards and cash while the removable shell will come handy during moments when all you need is your phone.

Blue Flip 20 Recharger by GOAL ZERO

Carry some extra power backup for your gadgets when you’re outdoors in this amazing phones accessories named Blue Flip 20 Recharger by GOAL ZERO. It comes in two beautiful colors of blue or black and is compatible with your phone, GPS, Headlamp as well as fitness trackers. There’s a USB flip-tip for charging in and a Micro USB cable for charging out. The small and portable 2600mAh battery with 1A output is capable of giving your phone up to one full charge.

CMYK Splash Art Phone Case by Madotta

Get some splash art highlighted from your smartphone with this CMYK Splash Art Phone Case by Madotta. It’s a 3D printed smartphone case that has been made from hard plastic and is good enough to protect your phone from impacts and scratches. The case will fit your phone perfectly and is available for all iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 2 and Note 3. The durable and lightweight polycarbonate used behind the making of these cases won’t add extra bulk to the overall weight of your phone but will make sure it stays safe from unwanted damage.

DrinkMate – it’s Always Got Your BAC!

Meet DrinkMate, the tiny breathalyzer that plugs into your phone! Pre-order now and get your iOS DrinkMate this Summer 2015! Be safe and make the right decisions. That’s the inspiration behind DrinkMate, a new and convenient way to be responsible while having fun. It’s the smallest breathalyzer in the world! Oh yeah, and it plugs into your iPhone to display your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) on the free app.

Tangle-Resistant Noise-Isolating Stereo Earphones

Enjoy a comfortable fit and an enhanced sound quality with the help of the Tangle-Resistant Noise-Isolating Stereo Earphones. It is undoubtedly one of the brightest and the coolest phones accessories you can ever have. The best aspect of these earphones is that they won’t tangle up in your pocket, backpack or purse. So you will be free from spending those painful hours trying to free up your earphones from a tangled mess. The in-ear design will also reduce ambient noise from the surrounding so that you get to listen to your music with ease.


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