Top 5 Best Gadgets You Can Give Your MacBook

701 Metal Clip For Your MacBook by Posh Projects

MacBook users will agree to the fact that their laptop is incomplete without the proper accessory. Be it a fancy sleeve or a laser mouse, life without accessories isn’t entertaining. So here are 5 best gadgets you can use with your MacBook and take your experience with Mac OS to a whole new level altogether.

PowerPlay Cable Manager for New MacBook

Got the new 12-inch Retina MacBook? Take control of its charging cable with the PowerPlay cable manager. This innovative accessory features a leather cord reel that holds the coiled cables snugly, minimizing bulk. A slit in the leather serves as the ‘lock’ mechanism to secure the cable end, making it easy to lock and release the cable. It straps onto the power adapter with an elastic strap and can be left on the charger at all times – even when the adapter is plugged into a socket – so you’ll never have to fumble with an additional loose item.

Laptop Sleeve by ÉSTIE

Carry your laptops with ease and do not compromise with the style through this Laptop Sleeve by ÉSTIE. It is a slim design which has been made to be comfortable and can be used for 13-inch laptops and documents. The sleeve is one of the best gadgets handmade out of top quality carbon weaved leather having a black velvet exterior. The design is simple but elegant and can be your everyday accessory for work. Just carry your laptop and the most important documents you require and set out for work in style.

Cusby The First USB-C Modular & Expandable Solution for the New MacBook

Cusby uses the advances of the new USB-C standard, lets you to build customs sets of different communication ports, combine and interchange them as easy as adding “Building Blocks”, they’re completely expandable and for every Cusby you connect a new USB-C port is created. The New MacBook essential companion.

701 Metal Clip For Your MacBook by Posh Projects

Typing on your MacBook when referring to a paper might have been cumbersome till date but not anymore once you get the 701 Metal Clip by Posh Projects. This metal clip utilizes the magnets present on the sides of your MacBook’s top and lets you type more easily even after referring to a paper. It is compatible with the iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air which makes the tedious process of typing from a paper super easy and comfortable.

Inklet – Trackpad Sketch System

If you thought your trackpad couldn’t do much, the Inklet is one of the best gadgets which will make you think otherwise. It’s an amazing sketch system that will take your trackpad experience to an unimaginable level whenever you’re using the Pogo or a Force Touch trackpad. This is probably the first third party application that supports Apple’s new Force Touch trackpad so that you get to enjoy pressure control on newer machines and create stuff you always wanted to. You’ll be able to move your Pogo lightly around the trackpad such that the cursor hovers without facing any kind of inking.


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