5 Geek Gadgets for the Technology Experts

Clocky By Nanda Home

Love the geeky side of life and would wish to enjoy the same from your everyday gadgets? Here are 5 cool geek gadgets you can use to bring some entertainment to your daily life. Only in a geeky way!

Clocky By Nanda Home

What is it? The alarm clock that runs away beeping, to get you out of bed. Can’t wake up? You’re not alone. Stats show that 40% of people ‘abuse’ the snooze. Typical alarm clocks just don’t work very well. Ours never lets you oversleep again. If you snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand, and run around beeping, absolutely determined to get you out of bed on time. Clocky’s hip, innovative and charming.

Star Wars Press Stamp Cookie Cutters

If you’re a fan of the highly popular Star Wars series, then you’ll be bound to love this Star Wars Cookie Cutter Set. Aren’t they just grand? Now you and your kids can munch on Star Wars themed goodies. The set is one of the most amazing geek gadgets which comes with four cutters featuring different characters from the franchise. Each stamp is also spring-loaded, so simply press on the button at the back of each to push the dough out of the cutter.

MeArm – Open Source DIY Robot Arm Kit

Get introduced to industrial robotics and motion control concepts with MeArm – An open-source DIY robotic arm kit. This arm can be controlled by popular micro controllers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi which uses 4 hobby servos for motion. The kit comes with a quick start CD-rom which will work as an excellent educational resource kit for those who wish to learn robotics and microcontrollers. By using the MeCon Pro win7 GUI motion control app and Arduino source code, you’ll be able to make your robotic arm move right away.

Retro Gamers Controller Pool Float

Show off your fantasy for retro 80’s games by chilling on this Retro Gamers Controller Pool Float this summer. This inflatable raft would work great on the pool, lake or beach and is bound to be a big hit among gamers. The float has been made of heavy vinyl which can easily be inflated into a 5 feet long float which also includes a patch kit. The design is what makes it special and surely a must have for gamers during summers.

Hover X Ultimate Gamer’s LapDesk – A Complete Portable Gaming Station

Get to play games like a pro by using the Hover X Ultimate Gamer’s LapDesk. Just like the name suggests, this LapDesk is one amazing geek gadgets that will hold your laptop and has additional places for a mouse as well as a phone and tablet display. It ventilates your laptop and will let any extra heat that is generated to be absorbed within the material. The temperature control is actually a great feature that will never let you feel the heat while working with this setup.


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