Check These 5 Home Accessories For Your Indoors

Carry USB Outlet Table Lamp

Trying to give your home a makeover? These home accessories can be of help. They are modern designs which are useful and can make an amazing accessory for your indoors.

Carry USB Outlet Table Lamp

Not only will the Carry USB Outlet Table Lamp serve as a sophisticated light source but also works as a chic storage for your everyday items. These could be anything from your keys, coins, sunglasses or even your smartphone and tablet. Feel free to use the additional USB outlet to charge your phone while it stays on the plate. The lamp is available in two versions – regular or mini and has been made out of a beautiful combination of steel and wood.

Fluance Fi50 High Performance Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

This set of wooden speakers has been designed to help you create a concert at home. The Fi50 comes are one of the coolest home accessories with wireless Bluetooth connectivity so playing music from it is super easy. The sound quality of these speakers is amazing and will recreate the entire performance just like the way the artist intended. They have been powered by aptX premium audio technology which is responsible for the crystal clear sound you get to hear.

Grow Pot & Cutting Board by Menu

Even if you are running short of space for home decor elements, the Grow Pot & Cutting Board by Menu can easily fit in on a shelf or window sill. The design will enable you to grow your favorite kitchen herbs on a cutting board itself. The planter is a round pot, black in color which has been crafted from earthenware having a non-slip silicone base. It stands on a wooden stand made of naturally finished solid oak.

Black Indoor Bicycle Cover by Velo Sock

Don’t bring the dirt from your bicycle tyres indoors with this Black Indoor Bicycle Cover by Velo Sock. The purpose of designing this cover was to prevent your home from being polluted with sand, mud and other debris whenever you bring in your bicycle indoors after a long ride outside. The color of this particular cover is completely black which looks elegant and sophisticated. It will fit most adult bicycles that have a length of about 1.6 m to 2 m. Fitting it on the bike will take just 15-30 secs.

Concrete Hanging Vessel – Semi Circular Wall Planter

Display your succulents and air plants beautifully on this Concrete Hanging Vessel. It is a stylish semi-circular planter which can be hung on a wall. One amazing set of home accessories indeed. The container does not include any drain hole and will absorb water naturally. You need not use it as a planter only. If required, you can use this hanging vessel to store your everyday necessities or cooking tools or stationery. The planter is made out of natural concrete and 100% polyester cord in the USA and is intended for indoor use only.

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