New Tech Gadgets You Must Have a Look At

Monitor Temperature and Humidity with Your Smartphone

Technology gadgets are on the rise these days. Thanks to crowdfunding and numerous other launch platforms, we can now keep a check on new technology gadgets with ease. Here are 5 examples you can check now.

Tempi – Monitor Temperature and Humidity with Your Smartphone

Tempi gives you the freedom to monitor and track temperature and humidity wherever you want. Place it in your garden, living room, car, baby’s room, musical instrument, wine cellar or just about anywhere you want. Tempi can also be clipped onto your clothes, belt and even shoes to monitor on the go… it even tracks on a map. Tempi connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses the Tempi App to display and keep track of temperature and humidity.

Mist: World’s Smartest Sprinkler System

Mist is a Smart Sprinkler Controller that uses Wireless Moisture Sensors to measure precise watering needs across your yard. This lets Mist water your yard on-demand instead of using a schedule, keeping everything healthy while eliminating overwatering.

WORX Landroid – Robotic Lawn Mower

Getting that perfect manicured look for your lawn won’t be much of a problem if you use the WORX Landroid. It is a pre-programmable robotic lawn mower which will allow you to customize your daily mowing schedules. The mower will run 7 days a week and will make sure to give your grass a trim on a routine basis. Traditional mowers might be taking off substantial amounts of grass on a less frequent basis but with WORX Landroid, things will be different. You’ll be surprised to know that this lawn mower can navigate narrow passages and cuts with precision on slopes that angles up to 20 degrees. One of the high tech gadgets your must have for your lawn.

Nipi Smart Cooler

This is nipi. It’s more than a cooler. nipi is a charging hub. It’s a security deposit box. It’s a sleek accessory. It’s an all terrain vehicle and, with ice retention technology which keeps ice frozen for six whole days, it’s the ultimate way to have even more astonishing adventures.

Element1 – The New Smartwatch With Kinetic Battery

The element1 is one of those new tech gadgets which combines the classic watch design with great technical features. It’s a smartwatch for sport and everyday life. You can use it to track your fitness improvement by checking out the distance you’ve covered or the number of calories you’ve already burned. The pedometer is counting the steps the bearer of the smartwatch covers during the day and the music player is the perfect supporter to make these steps as pleasant as possible. There are 2 GB of memory available for your music. Connect your headphones with your element1 and you can keep your smartphone at home and use the more comfortable way.

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