5 New Technology Gadgets for the Geeky Shopaholics


Love tech products and want to try your hands on some of them? Here are 5 new technology gadgets that could be your next best buy from the world of gadgets.

Coin – A Single Coin To Lighten Your Wallet

Once you order a Coin, you must verify your identity and shipping information in the Coin mobile app. Your Coin is then inscribed with your name and is linked with your account. Your Coin and card data is yours alone. The Coin mobile app is where all your cards are stored and is an extension of Coin. The Coin app can store any card with a magnetic stripe such as debit, credit, gift, and membership cards.

Myfox Smart Home Alarm

The Myfox Home Alarm is the only smart home security system that can prevent break-ins BEFORE they happen, thanks to door and window vibration analysis that can tell the difference between normal events and break-in attempts. It only takes minutes to install and manage the Myfox Home Alarm through your smartphone (iOS and Android). The system notifies you of events, and who is home so you know your loved ones are safe. The IntelliTAGTM door and window smart sensor is capable of analyzing vibrations and triggering a 110bB siren before un-wanted entry.

NoonWear – Sunglasses for Electronics

NoonWear sunglasses are a set of new technology gadgets that will let you view your electronic displays outside in the sun. When viewing a compatible electronic display, our sunglasses enable you to see clearly without darkening of the display. When not viewing a display, the NoonWear Ones work like traditional sunglasses.

ShockStop, the Shock-Absorbing Bike Stem

The ShockStop is a shock-absorbing bicycle stem that dramatically improves ride quality and comfort by isolating the rider’s body from bumps, shocks, and road buzz. The integrated-pivot design smooths out the ride without compromising steering responsiveness. The stem easily installs in a few minutes and blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of modern road, hybrid, and commuter bikes. When you’re riding with ShockStop, road buzz is almost completely eliminated and impact forces from bumps and cracks are dramatically muted.

Bolt Mini – The Perfect Open Source 3D Printer

The BOLT MINI is an affordable, high quality, all-metal, open source 3D-printer with a 200x200x200mm build area. Are you looking for an affordable 3D Printer that delivers high quality prints and is easy to use? Look no more , BOLT MINI is the perfect 3D printer for you. One of the coolest new technology gadgets in the world of affordable 3D printers. It is easy to use, provides high quality prints, requires very low maintenance and the best part? It’s completely open-source! BOLT MINI is the perfect Open Source printer which is designed specifically with these problems in mind.


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