Enjoy the World of Technology With These 5 Cheap Wearable Tech


If you think wearable tech is only proportional to expensive gadgets, you’re wrong. Here are 5 cheap wearable tech which will be able to give you that same experience at an affordable price.


Think your fitness regime isn’t working out that well? Moov is the personal fitness coach you are in need of. It’s a beautiful and compact piece of wearable technology that represents the future of fitness tracking. Moov will inspire you to uplift your work out or your sports sessions. It’s a small, light and breathable fitness tracking accessory which comes with a 6 month battery. There are four amazing color combinations to choose from. Be it boxing, running, cycling, swimming, 7min workout or more, Moov will make sure you are focused when you are training. It will count reps for you, talk to you while you workout and will be your everyday coach while you train.

PLAY: A Virtual Reality Device For Everyone

Paralo PLAY is virtual reality headset designed for smartphones that provides 360 degree immersive experiences. It is a device that allows anyone to view virtual reality apps with just their smartphones and it turns ordinary games/ movies into a totally immersive 3D experience. You will feel transported to another world and be wowed by the fun experience! PLAY is created for the casual Virtual Reality consumer but it is perfectly designed for kids. As such PLAY can be consider the first truly affordable VR toy. It has a single-piece construction so it does not require any assembly process making it easy to use and fun to play with. Made of durable silicone, it is also drop-proof and water-proof. PLAY’s ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable to wear and to take anywhere.

Triband Plus: The Wearable Backup Battery, Charging Cable, Flash Drive, and Flashlight

Triband Plus is aimed at redefining cheap wearable tech to provide more choices to lifestyle augmentation. It charges any android, windows or lightning compatible (iPhone 5/6) smartphones with an extra boost in power with its 800mAh lithium polymer battery and can even be used as a charging cable. Containing a flash drive, Triband can be used to view or store files on an OTG compatible smartphone (android or windows phones only) or on any PC.

Misfit Flash Link – Activity Tracker with Smart Button

By using the Misfit Flash Link Activity Tracker with Smart Button, you’ll be able to take control of the world around you. From controlling music to taking a selfie to turning lights on or off, there are endless situations where this tracker can prove to be useful. It will pair up with most famous brands such as Spotify, Nest, Logitech Harmony, Yo and give you a wonderful connected living experience like never before. Apart from this, the Flash Link will also work as an activity tracker and measure your activity and sleep patterns. It will then sync with your smartphone and show you the analysis as and when required.

OG USB Necklace

Make a fashion statement out of your USB with this OG USB Necklace by Wiplabs, Rogue Concepts. This cheap wearable tech has given a stylish appearance to your everyday computer accessory which will not only keep your files in place but also act as a gorgeous neck piece for women. The beautiful rhodium plating on the 2GB USB looks stunning and works as a great necklace for those fashionistas who never go out of style.


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