Some of the Coolest Home Decorating Accessories Ideas for Your Modern Apartments

home decorating accessories ideashome decorating accessories ideas

Setting up a new apartment and can’t come up with enough accessories that would make a great installation for your indoors? Try these 5 home decorating accessories ideas instead.

IC T1 Tall Table Lamp by Flos – Provides Diffused Lighting

It was the online video clip of a contact juggler that inspired Michael Anastassiades to create the IC T1 Tall Table Lamp. The idea was to highlight the beautiful shape of the sphere and use it as an ergonomic light source. This lamp will easily sit on your table top and can be used as a diffused lighting source. There’s a dimmer on the power cord you can use to set your own favorite light effects. The stand is made of brushed brass whereas the lamp is an opal blown glass.

Hands Free Gear Clock – Wall Clock With No Hands

A clock without hands might sound like a creepy idea but the Hands Free Gear Clock will make you think otherwise. This amazing wall clock includes small moving gears which rotate on a larger outer sprocket to tell you the right time. Instead of hands, the clock uses a simple arrow to point to the current time on the large outer dial. The outer dial will make a full revolution twice every day. The clock is also powered by four fixed internal spur gears with the large clock being nearly 2” in diameter.

Tulip Flower Vase – Simulation LED Lamp

You must have highlighted a lot of tulips on your favorite flower vase from time to time but this Tulip Flower Vase is different. Consider it as one of the most stylish home decorating accessories ideas and you won’t be wrong. This is because it’s not just a flower vase but an LED lamp too. The design resembles a typical flower vase with a tulip in it but it’s actually a ceramic vase with artificial flowers that are made of polyurethane. These flowers emit LED warm white light and are available in three adorable colors of pink, green and white. They will make a charming desktop accessory or even work as a romantic piece for your bedside table.

The Houston Lamp – Vintage Industrial Pendant Lamp

Handmade in Philadelphia, The Houston Lamp is one of those artistic pendant lamps you can have for your house. It’s a vintage inspired design which can be used as a hanging pendant lamp or even as a table lamp if required. Every lamp comes with a handsome black phenolic socket in a black vinyl-coated steel bulb cage. You’ll get the durable cotton cording in the color you prefer the most. By using the included 2-inch screw hook, you can easily install the lamp wherever you wish to.

Judd Wall Shelves by TEEbooks – Keep Your Books Suspended in Air

Create an illusion of your favourite books being suspended in mid air with this Judd Wall Shelves by TEEbooks. This is a modular wall bookcase system which consists of 5 wall shelves. These shelves are extra thin and light and have been made of 2 millimetre thick steel. They look like a thin laminate and are pretty delicate and free from any angles. It is definitely one of the most adorable home decorating accessories ideas. As soon as you arrange your books, CDs or DVDs on them, the bookcase creates a magical illusion which will almost make it disappear in the background.


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