5 Google Glass Accessories Worth a Check

Google Glass accessories

Your Google Glass experience will surely reach another level of excellence if you use one of these Google Glass accessories. Have a look here:


It’s a stunning tracker for all your valuables that both looks great and is extremely functional at the same time. But when paired with Glass, the entire system of Bringrr’s operability becomes even more magical. When Bringrr notifies you of something you’ve left behind, Glass displays the exact items for you. If you’re looking for an item tagged with Bringrr, you need only ask Glass and it will direct you towards it thus making device tracking a seamless experience altogether.


To have a separate power bank for your Glass seems like a great idea and that’s exactly what GazerG is into producing. With their extended battery providing 3 times more energy than standard Google Glass battery, you’d be able to enjoy an overall power bank with 4 times energy in total. With a neck holder coming with it, you’d never pose a chance of losing your Glass when you’re not wearing it. It’s definitely a compact solution for more power.

Google Glass Decal Accessory

This set of Galaxy decals makes your Google Glass camera, touchpad and battery depict a scene from the galaxy in a purple color mode. One cool set of Google Glass accessories indeed. The skin has been made out of 3M high-quality vinyl which can easily adjust to any kind of shape or contour. Since there’s no adhesive used, you need not worry about losing out on your Glass’ look at all. A touch of personalization for Explorers who love it.


This one’s for those who can’t do without fun and technology combined together. It’s a set of 3D printed unique lens cover and other fun accessories (such as pencil holder, wearable planter, display shield) for your Glass that makes using it even more fun. With the lens cover, you could make people know that you’re not recording them and let them enjoy their privacy. Each accessory has a special use of its own and that’s what makes the entire set a complete collection of real cool stuff for Glass explorers. Available on Shapeways for purchase.


If speaking to Glass doesn’t seem like an accessible idea to you, then Remotte is the one controller you’d want to have on your palms. It’s an ideal remote control that lets you manage your Glass functions without speaking or touching it. Once connected with Glass via Bluetooth, all you need to do is control your Glass using the linear and circular keypads that’s there on Remotte. An amazing example of Google Glass accessories. No going through voice commands or the lateral touchpad anymore.


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