5 New Gadgets You Must Try Out Once


There are gadgets being introduced every single day. But the question lies in their efficiency. Here are 5 new gadgets introduced in recent times which can prove to be really useful in your daily lifestyle.

Linea N°1 – Faceted Ceramic & Rose Gold Headphones by Caeden

Wondering why you should go for the Linea N°1 headphones? Maybe because of the clean lines or the refined metal finish or simply because of the beautifully balanced acoustic profile. To be exact, these headphones are designed to produce amazing sound from a classic headphone design. The use of superior noise isolation features will enable you to experience rich sound quality even when you’re on the go. They are made of ultra-soft vegan leather which are superior to the touch and durable as well.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy From Bambüsi By Belmint

Never worry about dropping your book or cell phone while you’re enjoying a relaxing bubble bath anymore. All you’d need is the 100% Bamboo Bathtub Caddy From Bambüsi By Belmint. This is a cool accessory for your bathroom which will fit any sized tub and works as a perfect device for propping your book or tablet. The other things you can prop on it are cellphones, candles and a cocktail. The extendable arms can stretch for a total width of over 3 feet. There’s an attached steel bar which will flip up to support your books or mobile device at the perfect angle you desire. It will also fold down when not in use.

WingLights – Direction Indicators for Bicycles

Bicycle riders won’t have much of a problem even if their hand signals are not noticed on the road anymore once they have WingLights gadgets attached on their bike. This is a set of direction indicators for bicycles which can work even in poor light and weather conditions. When you fit them to the ends of your bicycle’s handlebars, the WingLights will provide you clear visibility on the road by using high visibility LEDs. You won’t have to remove your hands from the grips anymore. The innovative magnetic fixing will allow easy snap on and snap off too.

Digital Protractor – Take the Guesswork Out of Measurement Forever

Using those plastic half circles at school for measurement will sound history now if you have the Digital Protractor. The idea behind this design is to take the guesswork out of measurement forever. These rulers are super durable and made out of stainless steel. The beauty of the design is that it will not only measure angles but also lock it down to any angle you need at a certain point in time. That way, you can draw the lines at exactly the angle you desire. The digital accuracy of this protractor is about ±0.3°.

Ferroflow Interactive Ferrofluid Sculpture

Constructed of sleek anodized aluminum and lab quality glass, the Ferroflow interactive sculpture is one of those gadgets which makes for the ultimate executive desk accessory. It contains magnetic fluid that is moved around in amazing ways by a strong magnet in the top. It is touch sensitive and can be interacted with by touching anywhere on the metal surface. It is an amazing piece of art that has to be seen in person and interacted with to truly appreciate.


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