Get Some Rest With Tree Log Bolster and the Total Body Support Pillow

Ricardo the Mysterious Pillow

Relaxing times are probably the most precious moment of the day. So how about make those hours even more fun with these unique pillows. Here’s a list of tree log bolsters and the total body support pillow you must have a look at:

Ricardo the Mysterious Pillow

Want to add some fun element to your indoor seating area? Try using these Ricardo the Mysterious Pillows. The character represented here is quite discreet and subtle which is where lies its elegance. You know how it’s like to have a man with few words on the same couch. They might talk less but speak a lot more than others. Same goes for this pillow.

Tree Log Bolster Pillow

Sleep amidst the beauty of nature right from your bedrooms on these Tree Log Bolster Pillows. They represent the sturdy, wooden looks of a tree log but in a more soft and cushioned form. The pillows have been made in knit to achieve the respective design with the graphics on them being knitted too in five different colors. Even the pillow covers have been made out of a specialized knit machine.

The Total Body Support Pillow

Cradle yourself in complete comfort from head to toe. The Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow was designed by Jean Kelly, RN when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia – an ailment that causes chronic joint and muscle pain. On your side or on your back, sitting up or lying down, the Comfort-U Body Support pillow allows you to stretch out and cradle your entire body in support and comfort. This extraordinary pillow helps keep every part of your body in perfect alignment, so a more restful sleep is a dream come true.

King Eye Mask Napping Pillow

Get some rest no matter where you are. By having one of these King Eye Mask Napping Pillows, you can take your power naps on the go. The back support will cushion your neck whereas the front eye pillow will make sure the sunlight is blocked from your eyes and you get to take you nap in peace. Unlike sleeping masks, this pillow bears a unique design which looks no where silly, if that’s too much of a concern.

Bluetooth iMusic Pillow

The Bluetooth iMusic Pillow creates a musical aura right from your pillows that can drive all kinds of restlessness away while you sleep. This is the perfect pillow you could choose to release your mind from your partner’s constant snores or even drive away insomnia. What it does is quite simple – it just plays all your favorite music from the phone through an in-built Bluetooth speaker.

For more details about total body support pillow, you can click on given link.

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