Make Your Home Technologically Sound With These Smart Home Appliance

Philips Hue With Wireless Dimming

It’s good to make your homes be smarter just like your phones. But where do you start? Here is a list of 5 useful smart home appliance you can use at home and live a smarter life henceforth.

Philips Hue With Wireless Dimming

No wires, no electrician, no installation. Philips Hue wireless dimming kit is the only dimmer switch that works out of the box. Experience the guaranteed smooth dimming in any room in your home. Each kit comes with a Philips Hue white bulb and wireless Hue dimmer switch. You can place the switch anywhere you want, using screws or the adhesive tape on the backplate. Or walk around with the remote control that magnetically sticks to the backplate. Instantly modernize your home lighting. Once you are set up with your Philips Hue wireless dimming kit, you can connect up to 10 Hue lights to the dimmer switch. You can also add a Hue dimmer switch to control the same Hue lights.

Yonos Smart Lamp – Stainless Steel + Blown Glass

Light + Sound. Stainless Steel + Blown Glass. The future of intelligent lighting is here! Yonos Smart Lamp is an intelligent lamp, that combines the the three main functions of a light,speaker, and battery bank into one simple device all controlled by a single app. Simplicity: In the future, every day items will be smart, connected, and will assist in making your life easier. More importantly, technology is invisible and you never have to pull out your smartphone to push a button or turn a product on off, for the product to work. We strived for the Yonos Smart Lamp to be simplistic and intuitive in nature, yet be a multifaceted assistant for your ever changing smart life.

Culer 3-Speed Double Port Space Cooler

Wondering how to beat the heat this summer? This Culer 3-Speed Double Port Space Cooler could be a good smart home appliance worth a try. These coolers are designed to provide you with cooling comfort as and where you may need it. They will not just blow around hot air but actually absorb the heat from the air to reduce temperature by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The coolers are a lightweight design made in the USA and come with a one-year warranty. They are also designed to be chemical free and energy efficient. The dual cooling ports will make sure you get the best cooling experience at patios, great rooms or even workshops during the summer.

Petcube – Remote Wireless Pet Camera

Petcube, the company that keeps people connected with their pets, offers a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices as well as a Petcube Camera – an interactive pet monitor. The Petcube Camera is the first product that allows pet owners to watch, talk and play with their pet from their smartphone, no matter where they are. Petcube was funded on Kickstarter and became one of the most successful crowdfunding pet products in history.

Knocki – Make Anything a Remote Control

Knocki™ is a wireless device that instantly transforms any surface into a remote control. The possibilities with Knocki are endless. Stick Knocki on your front door to get a text message anytime someone knocks the door, or knock twice on a wall to ring your lost phone. You can even tap a command on your nightstand to turn off a lamp and set your alarm. Knocki allows you to create your own functions and also comes with a huge variety of automated functions that can be selected via the Smartphone app. Out of the box, Knocki is a smart home appliance ready to work even if you don’t have a “smart home”, but if your home is already smart, Knocki works with IFTTT, Wemo, Nest, Wink, Insteon, and a growing list of other 3rd party platforms.


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