Best Wooden Sunglasses to Beat the Heat in Style

Handmade Design With Polarized Lenses

Though autumn is already here, there’s no specific time of the year for wearing sunglasses anymore. And when it’s about flaunting wooden sunglasses, you need not care at all except for the style concerned.

Seaval Shades, Floating Wooden Sunglasses!

Seaval Shades are the best wooden sunglasses on the market: Equipped with top-quality polarized Revo lenses. Kickass resistance against sun, salt and water. They Float! So don’t lose them again, especially with those bright reflective lenses. Flexible/Durable stainless steel hinges. Made from bamboo, the most abundant and sustainable natural material or Highly sought-after and luxurious Zebra Wood. Crafted through the most efficient and sustainable methods. Carved, warped, pressure treated, temperature regulated, multi-coated and thoroughly inspected for perfection.

Onyx Wooden Sunglasses – Handmade Design With Polarized Lenses

Together with the handmade design and the use of polarized lenses,the Onyx Wooden Sunglasses works as a pretty cool accessory for summer. It has been handmade in Italy and is a sunglass that will not only look stylish but protect your eyes by using UV 400 protection. The lens color is black and the frame material is kosso wood. Both make a wonderful combination that works as a cool unisex design. Heading out to the beach or a daytime pool party? The Onyx Wooden Sunglasses can be your perfect summertime accessory anywhere you go.

Mercury Wooden Sunglasses

Summers inevitably direct you towards a new pair of shades and these Mercury Wooden Sunglasses could be your this season’s hot collection. These wooden sunglasses are a stylish design which have been handmade in Italy. They come with polarized lenses and include a UV400 protection. The lens color for this particular shade is mirrored blue which is nothing but gorgeous for that funky summer style. The frame, on the other hand, is made of ebony wood and complements the lens in a beautiful way.

Saturn Wooden Sunglasses

Wondering how to beat the heat in style? Why not try these Saturn Wooden Sunglasses. They are handmade in Italy and come with polarized lenses. That’s not it. There’s UV 400 protection too which ensures to keep your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays. But the good thing about these glasses is that you won’t have to do away with style while using them. They are a unisex design which will fit both men and women and can be your coolest accessory when you’re traveling outdoors during summers. Carrying a casual look for the beach or a professional attire for an official meeting?

Belmont Dark Walnut and Grey Wooden Sunglasses

The Belmont is a pair of dark walnut and grey wooden sunglasses from Shwood. Inspired by the classic panto-shaped frame and a distinct keyhole bridge, the Belmont has a clean-cut design that combines a classic look with a modern twist. It’s also one of the slimmest sunglasses in Shwood’s stellar lineup. These are not your everyday cookie-cutter sunglasses mass produced in a factory. Each one is handcrafted by experts in Portland, OR using premium lumber that is sustainably harvested. Wearing wooden sunglasses may seem a tad bit retro, but it reduces the amount of plastic and other toxic substances polluting the planet.

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