Google Glass Accessories For a Better Augmented Reality Experience


Augmented reality can be experienced even better with your Google Glass if you pair it up with these amazing Google Glass Accessories. Have a look:

Google Glass Pouch

Without the Google Glass Pouch, you don’t have any place to set your glass while you’re not using it. The pouch has been made from Japanese recyclable materials which is extremely lightweight while still being durable enough to protect your Google Glass from the outside world. A handy Google Glass Accessory you must carry when you’re not using your Glass.

Mono Earbud

A sleek design that can enhance your hearing experience with the Glass. The earbud connects to Google Glass with a micro USB port and has just enough cable to reach your ear. This micro USB mono earbud will make it a lot easier for you to hear Glass when you are having a phone or are in a hangout.


The Remotte is the first bluetooth remote for Google Glass. Made exclusively for those conferences or discussions you have with colleagues where a remote could do a lot better in controlling what you project for others to see. While the Remotte was designed as one of the coolest Google Glass Accessories, you can use it with your smartphone, tablet and smart TV. A good buy, indeed.

Bringrr Car Charger

These brightly colored tags that have a unique sense of urbanity and elegance can be attached to just about anything you can imagine (books, files, laptops, wallets etc.) post which it does all the tracking by itself. They are eco-friendly and last for a year without the worries of getting charged time and again. Simply pair the charger with the corresponding Google Glass App and you’ll be all set to check your items without bending down and looking for them.

Wetley GGRX Prescription Frame for Google Glass

GGRX is an acronym for Wetley’s prescription adapter branded as the Google Glass Explorer Edition. You get just the frame, and you can get your own Google Glasses fitted out with your prescription lenses in under five seconds. An ideal Google Glass accessories to style up your Glass and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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