Home Decorating Accessories Ideas for This Upcoming Holiday

New York Skyline Book Shelf

Christmas time means decorating time. Why leave your home in a mess when you could do with some cool home decorating accessories ideas items instead? Check these 5 for example.

New York Skyline Book Shelf

You must have used tons of racks to store your goodreads but how about trying out something new in the form of this New York Skyline Book Shelf. Carved into solid wood, this shelf has totally transformed the way you’ve been using shelves to store books till date. It highlights the New York skyline in the most unique way possible and will help you store your books in the grooves that have been generated while designing the skyline. The entire scene will be like a batch of books amidst a series of skyscrapers.

Lithe Clock – With Extremely Long and Flexible Hands

Wall clocks are there a many but what makes the Lithe Clock stand out from the rest are the extremely long hands. These hands are made out of steel wire which makes a cool and unique wall decor item for your home. As the hands move with the passage of time, you’ll see them rise and wilt, turn and bend thus creating a whole new look that way. The design is handmade in Israel which ships with number wall decals and setup template. You need to keep your wall empty if you truly want to highlight the beauty of this clock.

Double Cuckoo Clock – View Two Timezones At Once

You’ve been used to cuckoo clocks for years now but this Double Cuckoo Clock is about to make that experience even better. Especially for those who wish to live in two different time zones from one single location. One of the coolest home decorating accessories ideas for your home. It’s like revisiting your old cuckoo clock but in a completely new way. This clock house turns out to be an abode for two beautiful cuckoos who will make you realize the passage of time with their chirps but not while you sleep. There is a photosensitive sensor which will deactivate the sound in the absence of light.

Origami Desk from Ethnicraft – Plenty of Storage Space

From your home office to your kid’s bedroom, the Origami desk from Ethnicraft will blend well with any modern home interiors. The purpose of this design was to make your desk more compact without losing out on storage space. The fine art of origami has been highlighted beautifully in the overall design which makes it look even more beautiful as an otherwise simple work or study desk. The desk comes with 5 drawers and has plenty of storage space for your everyday necessities. By combining solid wood with retro design, Mr. Marius has been able to make this desk stand out from the contemporary lot.

Deer Shelf – Impressive Bookshelf Inspired From Wild Deer

Storing your favorite books at home just got an artistic look in the form of this Deer Shelf. This sophisticated design works as one of the coolest home decorating accessories ideas which is inspired from the wild deers of the forest and their noble nature. You can use it for storing books, magazines or any other small decorative items that might be useful to enhance the beauty of your home. In fact, even if you don’t use it for storing anything, the shelf will still look like a classic piece on the wall. Made of solid oak, this is truly one of those unique home decor items that uplifts the interior design of your apartment and takes it to a new level of artistic excellence.


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