Smart Wearable Tech You Must Enjoy Sometime In Your Life

CHROMATIC – Smart Glasses Handmade Fashion Eyewear

Wearable tech is the new star in the world of gadgets today. Let’s have a look at some of the most recent entries in this field here.

CHROMATIC – Smart Glasses Handmade Fashion Eyewear

The coolest aspect of having a CHROMATIC is the fact that these smart glasses are pretty much in line with your standard eye glasses but with more amazing features. These include an activity tracker, HD camera, wireless charger, lightweight and polarized Polycarbonate lenses and a corresponding mobile app (Android or iOS). The right side of the glasses have the HD camera in the front while the activity tracker is present on the left side. The side of the handle on the left side features a touch pad sensor too. The additional set of headphones and wireless charger completes the entire package and makes these glasses more than just a simple piece of eyewear.

Samsung Gear VR

The soft and flexible cushioning together with the ergonomic design makes the Samsung Gear VR a perfect fit for an immersive digital media experience. It’s like being in front of a mega screen without actually sitting in a real theater. The Samsung Gear VR takes you one step ahead and gives you the opportunity to explore the world of wearable tech beyond your peripheral vision. From exploring exclusive movies to your favorite games, a 360-degree VR experience will now be available through a form factor which is not only comfortable but super powerful at the same time. With a 5.7 inch display and 3D Spatial Sound on Samsung VR Player for VR Gallery contents (Earphone needed), you’re going to feel as if you’re at the cinema.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android by Withings

That bulky setup for blood pressure monitoring will not be required anymore if you have the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor by Withings. Your systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as heart rate can now be measured anytime on the go without any wires. The readings you’ll receive from the monitor can easily be compared to WHO blood pressure standards so that you get to enjoy an easy understanding of the data. The monitor syncs wirelessly to your iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth.

UpRight – Wearable Tech That Trains You To Sit and Stand Upright

If you are going through posture problems, the one wearable tech that can help you sort it out is UpRight. The device can attach to your lower back and vibrates every time you slouch. By using it continuously, you’ll be able to achieve the ideal posture positions in a short span of time. Right posture is something you should be proud of and UpRight takes you close towards achieving it on a regular basis. Whether it’s about being taller or more productive at work, UpRight can help you master it all from a tiny form factor. You just have to wear it for 15-hours a day and good posture will automatically come to you.


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