These Funny Gadgets Will Surely Add Humor to Your Life

Sammy Screamer – Motion Alarm From BleepBleeps

Sometimes a good laugh is all you need to break the seriousness of your mundane work life. These funny gadgets will definitely make the task easy for you.

Sammy Screamer – Motion Alarm From BleepBleeps

The Sammy Screamer will help you keep a check on anything and everything you want to. This could be your cookie jar or your cupboards, handbags and even your windows and doors. The Screamers will attach to your belongings and will notify you with a screeching alarm as well as a smartphone notification every time that thing is moved. So you’ll know when the cookie jar’s being opened or if someone from outside opened the window when you’re outdoors. These alarms may look funny but they have super sensors to help you keep an eye on the things you want to. Attention! The Screamer squad is here!

Beer Monster Bottle Opener

This might be a tool you value because of its functionality but what makes the Beer Monster Bottle Opener one of its kind is the character symbolized. It takes you back directly to one of those grotesque, cute, funny characters from Monsters University at once. This buddy you’ll have has a single eyeball, chrome plated buck teeth, and handy dino tail. Quite imaginative and super handy when it comes to acting as a bottle opener. You’ll find it clipped to a full-color card that can be hooked or made to stand right up on a shelf or counter. A drinking buddy you can never ignore.

Puzzlehead – Brain Teaser and Construction Toy

Made out of fiberboard, the Puzzlehead acts as one of a kind funny gadgets and construction toy for your kids. It’s a unique puzzle game even you might like to play at times in order to feel relieved or a bit stress free. The game consists of a fiber board with specific geometric patterns that symbolize funny heads. All you need to do is find the appropriate puzzle head and apply it on the corresponding area of the board. The faster you finish your puzzle, the better your chances of winning the game. A perfect gift for your kids and entire family!

Go Away, I Bite Doormat

Try using the Go Away, I Bite Doormat and see for yourself the puzzled look on your guests face whenever they come to your doorstep. It’s a fun way to keep out intruders and unwanted souls you never want to invite in. To make it look more realistic, a bite has already been taken out from the mat thus giving it the appearance of what it says. We’ve seen a lot of funny doormats already but this one’s got a good mixture of being rude as well as fun. Your guests might have seen well decorated doormats till date – Now it’s time your doorstep could do with some change.

Domsai Terrarium by Matteo Cibic

Welcome Laurel and Hardy in a new eco-friendly way with this amazing Domsai Terrarium by Matteo Cibic. Having been designed by Matteo Cibic, it has a unique format of sustaining plants like cacti and other succulent ones. One awesome series of funny gadgets indeed. The whole setup looks like a man with a torso that resembles a plant inside a dome. Looks funny indeed but is also a useful piece for your plants to live strong for a long time to come. The lower part of the dome contains holes for air circulation and water passage. Under normal conditions, just a few drops of water per week is enough to sustain the plants. Introducing a quirky style of celebrating greenery around you.


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